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Thursday June 18, 2009 8:11 pm

I’d Much Rather Have Donte Stallworth In The NFL Than Michael Vick

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Athletes, Editorial, News, NFL,

Donte Stallworth

Cleveland Browns WR Donte Stallworth was suspended indefinitely by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pending a meeting between the commissioner and Stallworth’s representatives.  Stallworth pleaded guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge for killing Mario Reyes on March 14 after a night of drinking in Miami Beach, FL.  Stallworth has started serving a 30-day sentence in jail, which will be followed by two years of house arrest, provisions for which Stallworth will be allowed to play football, and then eight years of probation.

Considering the indefinite suspension leveled on former NFL superstar QB Michael Vick for dogfighting and killing dogs, Goodell had to come down harshly on Stallworth who actually took a human life, however, by accident.  Stallworth acted stupidly and he knew it and knows it now.  There has been nothing but remorse on Stallworth’s part, even agreeing quickly with the deceased’s family on financial compensation, although, all the money in the world cannot replace Mr. Reyes.  From the beginning, Stallworth has been cooperative with law enforcement.  On the other hand, Vick tried to keep his illegal doings on the down low and has shown remorse only insomuch as to be able to get back on the football field.

Yes, what Stallworth did was incredibly stupid, incredibly dumb, and incredibly irresponsible.  However, there was no maliciousness in his action (and I pray for Mr. Reyes’ family), however, you cannot say the same for Vick.  I’m hoping Goodell allows Stallworth to take the field a lot sooner than he does Vick because despite being a Vick fan before all of this dogfighting mess and still believing he has useful talent in the tank left, I wouldn’t miss having an NFL without Michael Vick.  It’s been just fine without him.  What the NFL needs are more Stallworths that take responsibility for their actions no matter how stupid they were.


Forum Discussion

I think Vick has paid his dues. He spent two years in prison and is still on house arrest. If Goodell reinstates him and a team is willing to pick him up then let him play. Vick enabled dog fighting yes, but Stallworth killed a person. Accidental it may have been, but he was drunk and shouldn't have been driving in the first place. They both acted stupidly, and they both deserve whatever happens to them. If they are both lucky, then they will both still have an NFL career somewhere.

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I knew this would be somewhat “controversial”. A human being is OF COURSE more important than a dog. I guess what gets missed in my piece is the character of Stallworth versus Vick. Stallworth didn’t act maliciously - in fact, it was his first offense and admitted everything to the police and was cooperative in every way. He reached out to the… Read More family who actually helped him with his plea deal.

Vick on the other hand had been cruel to animals (and believe me, I’m not an animal lover myself; not that I would ever kill or torture them) for years and tried to keep the whole thing on the hush and wasn’t cooperative with the cops or the NFL until he got caught with hard proof.

The result of Stallworth’s crime is of course worse than Vick’s, but there was no intention there, just stupidity. Vick had both.


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