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Friday June 18, 2010 1:13 am

Halak sent to Blues with a modest ‘thank you’

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, NHL, Trades,

Jaroslav HalakThe near-Conn Smythe winner Jaroslav Halak has been rewarded for his incredible playoff run. The Montreal Canadiens sent him off to St. Louis in a trade for a pair of young prospects. In the process, Montreal’s former main goaltender Carey Price once again has the starter’s job; but only for the time being. The trade is being questioned by many; all wondering if it was a good idea to move Halak and keep Price. Due to their contracts, it was inevitable that one had to go, but why did it have to be the one who gave hope to the otherwise defeated city?

Halak played at a ridiculous level during the playoffs, first ousting almost single-handedly (maybe with some help from Mike Cammalleri) the Washington Capitals, then the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next round, but he was certainly figured out by the Philadelphia Flyers in the Conference Finals. Still, Montreal likely doesn’t even make it that far with Price minding net. It created an awkward situation that had to be addressed by the front office and they made their decision; one that is already not sitting well with the fan base.

This short after the announcement, there has still been a massive outcry from those who think Montreal made the wrong move. Try searching for “Montreal Canadiens” and “bonehead decision” together on Google and find about 500,000 people who have already weighed-in their opinions, most of which are upset about the decision. Nevertheless, Halak’s days in a Montreal uniform are done as he moves from an ailing franchise to one ready to move up to the next competitive level, and maybe that is for the best for the Slovakian.

Price in the past was believed to have the higher upside, hence Montreal retaining his services. It would have taken a lot of courage to trade a goalie drafted fifth overall and keep one picked up 271st overall two years earlier who had seen marginally more NHL ice time. So off to St. Louis goes Halak and yet again Price becomes the main man between the pipes, and even he has to wonder if his team made the right move.



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