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Tuesday February 2, 2010 10:34 pm

True Predictions: Colts To Take Super Bowl

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL,

DescriptionWent 2-0 with the Indianapolis Colts-New York Jets and New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings match-ups. Season record hits 51-37. Look for the Indianapolis Colts to defeat the New Orleans Saints at Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints defense wants to punish Peyton Manning and the Colts defense may be without a healthy DE Dwight Freeney.

Things to look for:

Whatever defensive schemes the Saints throw at Peyton Manning he will ultimately figure out and pick apart.

The Saints, to win, must sustain long drives and keep Manning off the field. Still, Manning and the Colts’ offense has quick strike capabilities – as do the Saints.

Manning looked like the efficient Manning once he got it going a couple weeks ago against the Jets. Saints QB Drew Brees did not look as strong that weekend.

Which feel-good story will win out? The veteran Manning adding to his Hall of Fame resume? Or the Saints win it for the resurgent city of New Orleans?  Manning and the Colts have been through this Super Bowl drill before. Can the Saints maintain focus? I would pick an Indy team away from home more so than a New Orleans team away from their dome.

Other important, season-end NFL notes:

Will the St. Louis Rams move back to L.A.?

Will Michael Vick end up with the Buffalo Bills?

Will Pete Carroll resurrect the Seattle Seahawks and laugh while ‘ol USC gets hit with major NCAA infraction penalties?

Which light beer commercial is funnier? The guy teaching his dog to drive? The wife who staples the boutonnière to hubby’s lapel? Or the guy who crashes the party in his goliath SUV?

I liked former New England Patriot Rodney Harrison’s take on Brett Favre: the odds of everything falling into place and being able to make another run at the NFC championship and winning it and the Super Bowl in 2010 are just too high. Hang it up and be happy—even though the last one ended badly, you still defied all expectations.

He should retire, then he and Kurt Warner could enter the Hall of Fame together. This time Favre (rightly or wrongly) would “intercept” Warner’s thunder.

Will The Who play “Squeezebox” at halftime of the Super Bowl? Of course not.



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