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Thursday January 21, 2010 1:50 pm

True Predictions: Colts and Saints Will Move on to the Super Bowl

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL, Playoffs,

Description Other than the New York Jets upset over the San Diego Chargers, all the favorites won last week. I went 3-1 and the season mark runs to 49-37. Will it be Peyton Manning or Brett Favre returning to the Super Bowl? What about those upstart Jets? Will there be more celebrating in New Orleans this weekend?

In early December I hailed the “Underachievement Bowl” featuring a contest between the Dallas Cowboys and the Chargers. True Prediction or what? How do the owners of those two teams react after less-than-wondrous playoff outings last week? They give head coaches Wade Phillips and Norv Turner contract extensions!

I really didn’t think the “Norv Factor” would kick in and bite the Chargers on the butt until the AFC Finals. Wow, the “Norv Factor” was a lot stronger than I thought.

At the season’s start I was constantly writing that the Jets “had landed early” due to a 3-0 run to begin the season. Then they hit some turbulence, but look at them now! Flying high once again and landing in the AFC Finals. Give them credit. They caught a napping Chargers team, kept that San Diego offensive game in check, stuck around, found some rhythm in the second half, and pulled off the victory.

Too bad they’re playing an Indianapolis Colts team that looks to be playing a bit more in stride than San Diego. Oh, and Indy has that elder Manning son, Peyton or something, leading the way. Go with the Colts. But get nervous if the Colts allow the Jets to keep it close and stick around.

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings beat an overrated Cowboys team. However, they sure looked good doing it. The Saints beat up a banged up Arizona Cardinals team. But they sure looked good doing it.

I’m going with the Saints because I believe they have more weapons on offense and because I believe in building a program smartly, over time. This is what head coach Sean Payton has put together. Uhhhhh, and this guy gave up some of his salary so he could bring in a masterful defensive coordinator in Gregg Williams.  Smart and it paid off.

Meanwhile, the Vikings have leased Brett Favre for a quick fix. You really can’t argue with the results though. And Favre has played so well that he overshadowed another guy having a pretty good year: New Orleans QB Drew Brees.

But Brees, with the much-maligned Reggie Bush (I’m one of the chief maligners) and the rest of the Saints crew will be too much at home for the Vikings.



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