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Tuesday May 17, 2011 9:24 pm

Cleveland Cavaliers Win the NBA Draft Lottery

Posted by Dennis Velasco Categories: Drafts, NBA, News,

Could Kyrie Irving go first overall in the upcoming NBA Draft and head to the Cleveland CavaliersAfter getting done dirty by LeBron James last offseason and winning only 19 games in the Post-Bron Era, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the odds and won the NBA Draft Lottery and, if you believe the multitude of mock drafts out there, the rights to point guard Kyrie Irving. Oddly enough, the Cavaliers, coming in with the second-best chance to win (19.9%) with their own pick, actually won with the Los Angeles Clippers (2.8%) draft pick. The Cavs acquired this pick with the trade of Mo Williams to the Los Angeles Clippers for Baron Davis. This immediately brings up two questions - why didn't the Clippers protect the pick and why didn't the Clippers protect the pick?


For the the Minnesota Timberwolves, who had the best chance (25.0%) to win the draft lottery, this might have been a blessing in disguise as they wouldn't have to be forced to pick the assumed best player in Irving, a point guard and a position that they don't need to fill with the hopes of Ricky Rubio coming over. However, selecting a player might not be as easy with the second-best player by most is forward Derrick Williams, who plays a position already taken by Michael Beasley. Could the T-Wolves eventually play small ball at times with Williams at the three, Beasley at the four, and Kevin Love at the center position? This is Minnesota, where they have to try just about anything to win at this point. Sorry, T-Wolves fans.

An alternative idea for the Cavaliers, who also own the fourth overall pick is to select Derrick Williams first overall and take either Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker with the fourth. Considering the Cavaliers will probably want to stock up with talent at all positions, depth-wise, this might be the way to go to take a frontcourt player and someone in the backcourt. Also, considering that Irving only played 11 games as a freshman due to injury, which makes him a slight question mark, it may be best to go this route, especially if Knight falls to them at the fourth pick. Knight has better leadership skills and is the more steady of the two lead guards, having been highly-touted for quite some time and has a chance to better than Irving at the NBA level.

While this is a sweet victory for the Cavs to win the draft lottery, it's bittersweet in that this is considered the weakest draft in a long time. However, when you have two of the first four picks, it's hard to go wrong, especially when you consider more than half of the last 20 NBA Rookie of the Year winners were selected at the first or fourth overall picks. Things are looking up, Cleveland.



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