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Thursday April 8, 2010 10:23 pm

Breaking down the game early is still just as fun

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, MLB,

Miguel CabreraNow that almost every team has had a chance to complete a series and show the nation what they’ve got. It seems like the mystery that can surround Spring Training is ancient history, when really it’s only been five days. That’s the beauty of nationally televised baseball. And not only do these games matter, but managers are playing their top players. There’s nothing like April baseball, and we’re seeing it as good as it gets.

Since the Yankees and Red Sox kicked things off on Sunday night, only the San Francisco Giants have managed to put together a three-game winning streak and sweep the series. Not bad for a team who finished 72-90 last season. Conversely, the Houston Astros were the humble victims of the Giants’ wrath. Every other team in baseball has at least one blemish on what no longer is a perfect season. The majority, having had an off-day, are either 2-1 or 1-2. Let’s just say the playoff races are really tight right now.

Obviously it’s too early to start trying to predict how MVP voting will play out, but Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera and Toronto’s Vernon Wells have made a tremendous impact with their teams already. Cabrera is batting .571 with a pair of homers while Wells is hitting .600 with a league-leading four long bombs. Both players lead the league with seven RBI in three games. As far as pitchers go, it’s harder to separate the pros from the pretenders so far. Almost four dozen have been given credit for a win, but Oakland’s Dallas Braden is the only to reach double digit strike out figures.

Baseball is a game of numbers, and while three games of data to breakdown is an incredibly small sample size, it’s still fun to take a look at who’s hot. If and when San Fran’s Edgar Renteria falls back down to the career .288 hitter that he is, he’ll always be able to say that on Apr. 8, he lead the league with a .727 batting average. This time next week the story will be completely different. And the week after that will be too. But this is why we love the game.



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