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Friday April 7, 2006 7:03 pm

Professional Athletes are Just Born with Talent: Plain and Simple

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Athletes, NBA, NCAA, College Football,

Chauncey Billups comes from a strong gene poolAfter watching the Detroit Pistons versus Miami Heat match-up last night, I learned an interesting fact about PG Chauncey Billups.  He is actually related to potential first round draft pick running back Lendale White from USC.  That is some scary talent in their family’s gene pool.  The most potent family duo has to be Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady; they must have just destroyed their friends and kids in the park when they were youngsters.  After watching the NCAA tournament and seeing a number of impact players being second generation stars, such as Joakim Noah be the best player in the tournament, his dad is ex-tennis star Yannick Noah.  Joakim’s Florida teammate,  Taurean Green is also a second generation basketball player, his dad is ex-NBA player Sidney Green.  For all you aspiring ball players, if you find yourself falling short on the playground, I feel for you - maybe you just weren’t born with it.

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