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Saturday December 10, 2005 3:26 pm

Help Bring Back Jake Plummer’s Mustache

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Athletes, NFL,

Jake PlummerWe all loved it and we’re sad to see it go.  It’s possible that he does play better without it, but I don’t want to see is Monday Night Football picture if it’s not there.  This is a serious petition I found and I couldn’t stop laughing when I read:

In this topsy-turvy world there are few things all mankind can agree on. The sun is good, killing is bad and Jake Plummer has the most amazing mustache in the history of bewhiskered upper-lips. But, sadly, Plummer shaved said mustache late last week in a move that not only betrays all fashion sense, but also the entire United States of America.
Jake Plummer, please bring the mustache back. We, your countrymen and women, need it. Two hurricanes, rising gas prices and political divisiveness have torn our country apart. With your mustache, maybe we can begin the long process of healing. Without it, Jake, we as a society are doomed.


The Undersigned

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