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Monday December 12, 2005 3:46 pm

Giants Losing Fans’ Hope?

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Editorial, NFL,

Giants fans look for hopeWhile most are just glad that they sqeeked a win this week, Giants’ fans were left wondering what kind of team this would be in the playoffs - if they even get there.  With so many mishaps and a record that misrepresents how they’ve been playing lately, it’s no wonder resident guest analyst/disgruntled Giants fan, Frank Santangelo decided to sound off to me.  His concerns after the jump.

A Giant Concern:

I don’t want to sound like a self hating Giants fan, especially with a record of 9-4, but Sunday’s game left me worried about the Giants’ chances in the playoffs.  Their narrow defeat over a Philadelphia team whose current roster reads more like a practice squad than the team that played in last year’s Super Bowl, does very little for my post season hopes.  With the teams waiting for the Giants in the playoffs, this is no time for showing weakness.  Watching this season has been much like my favorite Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

First the bad, because as you see, I’m a half empty type of guy; the special teams are horrendous.  Feely is 28-35 this year, missing 4 straight before bouncing back Sunday against the Eagles going 4 out of 4.  As much as I enjoy ripping on the soccer players who had epiphanies senior year of college and became kickers, they decide most of the games in the NFL. 

Also bad is Eli Manning.  I’ll give you a moment to call me all the four letter words you’d like…  As great as Manning has been, in yes only his second year, he has no playoff experience, but I suppose I’ll take talent over wisdom if wisdom comes soon.  It has proved to in Eli’s case, which brings me to the Good.  Manning has improved greatly.  His ability to read the defense and force less throws into double coverage is impressive.  His poise under fourth quarter pressure is something to see in a second year field general.  But with 15 INT’s on the season and a passer rating of only 75.9, the Ugly rears its, well ugly head in a mean way.  The fourth quarter of the game in Philly where Eli threw 3 interceptions reminds us we’re still dealing with a very young, inconsistent quarterback.  His inconsistency is truly the most serious, especially in the playoffs where inconsistency is very quickly chewed up and spit back out as a trip to the off season.  But with Shockey, Barber, and Burress on our side, I suppose I have something to be optimistic about.

- Frank Santangelo

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