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Wednesday December 28, 2005 1:31 pm

Baseball Hall Of Fame Debate

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Editorial, MLB,

Hall Of Fame

The headline for the MLB section of ESPN.com is A Helping of Rice.  This is a story of Jim Rice belonging to the Hall of Fame, and in my opinion, this story is an absolute joke.

The writer who covers this subject, Sean McAdam states right off the bat:  “For 11 years, I’ve resisted voting for Jim Rice for the Hall of Fame. This year, I plan to right that wrong.”  Ok let me get this straight, for over a decade, you believed Jim Rice was not Hall of Fame worthy, but now on the 12th year Rice suddenly should be a hall of famer.  That statement is just preposterous.  This first sentence should negate anything else stated in the rest of his article.

Sometimes these sports beat writers really stretch to make for an interesting story.  This just in: the hall of fame doesn’t need to induct boderline players just because there is no one else worthy for that particularly year.  Like my dad used to say, “If there is doubt, then that player doesn’t belong”.  Bottom line says, if you need to argue for someone to get in - case closed- they don’t deserve to get in.

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