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Wednesday November 16, 2005 6:31 pm

A-Rod’s MVP Ends an Anti-Yankee era?

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Editorial, MLB,

Alex RodriguezSometimes I think the Baseball writers of America, just have some magical numerical formula for the yearly awards:

.300 BA + 40+ HR’s +120 RBI = MVP
20 Wins + an ERA under 3.00 = Cy Young award.

A-Rod beating out DH Slugger David Ortiz in a tight race and order has been restored in the baseball universe. 

Traditionalists were on the side of the Yanks this time.  Apparently there are still of the majority of the writers believing in playing both sides of the ball.  A-Rod played outstanding defense at 3B this year, after making a switch from already gold-glove caliber level at the SS position. 

Let me just say this, I am a true orange and blue Mets fan for as long as I can remember from the Doc and Darryl days.  But as the years have gone by, there seems to a great deal of anti- Yankee bias in the national media. 

So far, individual Yankees have been in tight races for awards in recent years and have come short.  Rookie of the Year went to RP Hudson Street, beating out 2B Robinson Cano, and SP Bartolo Colon beat out RP Mariano Rivera for the Cy Young.  The concept of relief pitchers winning the Cy Young also goes against tradition.  The most egregious slight was Hideki Matsui was beat out for the 2003 AL ROY by Royals SS Angel Berroa.  The consensus was that Matsui wasn’t a “rookie” for playing professionally in Japan.  Yet the previous two years the ROY went to Ichiro Suzuki and RP Kazuhiro Sasaki, also veterans from Japan.  Double standards usually go against the Yanks, but this time they come home with the hardware.

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