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Usher‘s new girlfriend may be causing trouble at his record label.

The “Yeah!” singer is reportedly involved in a relationship with Grace Miguel - who until recently worked for Def Jam Records, a rival to Usher’s Jive label.

“Some people see it as a conflict of interest. She’s still under contract with Def Jam, but Grace seems to be calling the shots behind the scenes on Usher’s album,” an insider told the New York Daily News newspaper.

It has been claimed the situation has “complicated” the making of the LP and is upsetting record company executives - who recently pushed Raymond v. Raymond back from its original December 21 release date.

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“When you have a song about a telephone, there’s this limitless ebb and flow of creativity to choose from.”

If you put two names like Beyonce and Lady Gaga together, you’ll naturally expect a visual - and musical - ride. But if you thought the clip for “Video Phone” was interesting, you haven’t seen anything yet.

In this behind-the-scenes featurette, we get a look at some of the proposed costume ideas (bubble wrap? Crate & Barrel box?) never included in the final shoot and learn about a third song Gayonce will work on together.

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DescriptionThere are many things should avoid doing right now, and performing on a song called “Maniac” is probably one of them.

Although the R&B artist had been scheduled to appear on Timbaland’s upcoming album, Brown was scratched from . The decision is reportedly due to Chris’ personal - not vocal - issues.

Sources tell TMZ that “some people” felt it was in appropriate for the singer to be associated with “Maniac.” (The song has since been retitled “The One I Love.”) But a rep for Timbaland claims Brown’s removal was simply a “creative decision for both parties.” Uh-huh...

Shock Value II and Chris Brown’s both drop on December 8th.

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Jermaine Jackson at the American Music Awards

The late was honored with four American Music Awards (AMAs) last night. In addition to wins for Favorite Soul/ R&B Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Male Vocalist, the singer won Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Favorite Soul/R&B Album for his Number Ones compilation.

, who accepted the prizes on his brother’s behalf, paid tribute to Michael while praising his life philosophy.

Wearing a single white glove in tribute to Michael, Jermaine said: “It’s not just about the winnings, the awards. It’s mainly the message. The message Michael had will live on forever. He saw good in everyone. Start with love and let’s love each other.”

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definitely knows how to put herself out there.

At a London concert earlier this week, Beyonce surprised fans with a rock star move during her performance of “Halo.” (Cue the video to the :20 mark to see the singer dive into the crowd.) Not only does she entrust the attendees to carry her around, she manages to simultaneously carry a tune.

See, Britney? It is possible to sing live and entertain your audience at the same time.

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It should go without saying that any music video involving Lady Gaga will probably be…unusual. But who expected this from ?

The minute you see the Reservoir Dogs-style open, you know “Video Phone” will be a wild ride. (It is directed by Hype Williams after all.) Men with cameras as heads? Sasha Fierce armed with futuristic outfits, a Bettie page haircut…and guns? Gaga looking…normal?

I can only imagine what other projects these two ladies have collaborated on. Well, actually - I probably can’t.

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Chris BrownI’m not sure how a date change would really make a difference in ‘s life at this point, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt for him to try.

Although the 20-year-old singer’s upcoming album was originally set for release on December 15, it will now be made available one week earlier.

Why would Chris want Graffiti dropped closer to Rihanna’s own release date (Nov. 23)? Closer to the unveiling of his ex’s 20/20 interview? Who knows? Maybe Jive Records figures it’s best to take advantage of any publicity - good or bad?

Whatever the reason, the CD comes shortly after Brown kicks off a list of performances. He’ll kick off his Fan Appreciation tour in Houston on November 14 and wrap up in New York on December 15.

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stays up late looking at photographs of him and Rihanna.

The “Run It” singer hit his Twitter account early Monday morning and linked to video of them in happier times. He also wrote about his “emotions” about not being with the “Disturbia” songstress anymore.

“IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT (sic),” Chris said. “FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn’t make u weak… BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG (sic).”

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Alicia KeysThe follow-up to As I Am has just been pushed back a few weeks.

The Element of Freedom, which was originally set for a December 1 release, will now hit stores a bit closer to Christmas. The new drop date was announced by the singer through her Twitter account yesterday.

“Luv having the freedom to create beautiful music, so I’m pushing the album back to DEC 15th. So many more amazing songs!!! Pls RT,” Keys wrote.

The CD’s first single, “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” is already available for purchase.

(FYI - You can also follow Albumista on Twitter.)

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Joss Stone believes she has an “atrocious personality.”

The 22-year-old singer - who was criticized for adopting an American accent after moving to the US in 2006 - believes she stopped connecting with fans because of the way she portrays herself.

“I think I suffered a backlash not because of my music but because of me - my atrocious personality probably,” she told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “I don’t give away too much about my private life so people just make stuff up. It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t say. I can just chill alone for months and still be labeled the biggest b***h in the world. But my hair has changed - it’s my real color now. And I’ve made a simple album that I love.”

Joss is proud of her new LP Colour Me Free, and is confident the material marks a return to the sound which made her famous. “I finally got a chance to make music without people sitting over my shoulder and telling me what to think or play,” Stone said. “When I did my last album I was obsessed with getting it right. Now I’m just like, ‘F**k it, let’s go make some noise.’”

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