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Chad KroegerChad Kroeger doesn't understand Nickelback's dance remixes. The "Too Bad" rockers' songs get changed to fit with many different countries around the world, but the singer and guitarist prefers to their hard rocking originals.

"Yeah, there's been tons or remixes with dance beats and all that kind of stuff. It's always for some territory like Timbuktu, where there's only one radio station and the whole territory and the guy is like, 'It's top 40 and they love it' cos its got a rhythmic beat to it!" he said.

Chad also joked the practice of remixing songs once they become popular must upset some people, such as Gotye, who had a surprise worldwide hit with "Somebody That I Used to Know" earlier this year. "You look at an artist like Gotye, and I'm sure he thinks of himself as a really cool indie guy with street cred and now it's just like, 'boom boom boom, [sings] 'You didn't have to cut me off' boom boom boom.' That must really twist his soul!" he added.

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A funny mash-up of Auto-Tuned dialogue has become one of the most talked-about moments of the 83rd Academy Awards, and our new favorite movie-inspired music video. Watch the whole thing above, and discover gems from your favorite movies: “I’m a Ball of Light” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I), “We’re Still Here” (Toy Story 3), “Fishing for Facebook” (The Social Network) and “He Doesn’t Own a Shirt” (Twilight).

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DescriptionArtist: B U R N S
Album: B U R N S
Song: Gossip- Heavy Cross (B U R N S Remix) [Download @ RCRD]
Reppin’: UK
WWW: http://myspace.com/thisisburns
What?: B U R N S combines sound hardware from the seventies and eighties with modern music software and samples, B U R N S started to produce hundreds of demos, experimenting as he began to define his signature sound.

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DJ SpinbadSay goodbye to the silly 80s revival, because it’s getting old. The early 90s has been represented and celebrated at raves, but we haven’t seen the music of the 90s make it’s big comeback yet. However, DJ Spinbad may be just the man who shines a light on the 90s, rekindling interest in the decade that began almost 20 years ago. He just put out a free 90s megamix that is pretty amazing. It features music from the decade, but also splices in TV and film audio bites as well, creating an amazing 80-minute mix that anyone alive in the 90s will enjoy. You can download the free MP3 at the link below.

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Yesterday, an email pops into my BlackBerry from the one and only Mick Boogie, talking about the latest mix he completed with Terry Urban, Viva La Hova. In it, they blend Jay-Z and Coldplay in a way that has to be heard to fully appreciate.

As Mick Boogie explains it:

“In addition to self-producing a few tracks ourselves, we reached out to some of our favorite producers in the game… from Jay-Z’s collaborator 9th Wonder, The Kickdrums (50 Cent, TI) and Cookin’ Soul (The Game, Dipset) to up and comers like 6th Sense, nVMe and Garbs Infinite.

After assigning all the producers samples and snippets that we felt fit their musical talents, we began the process of assembling as many Jay-Z vocal tracks as we could find.  As the submissions came back, one by one, we decided which Jay-Z verse would fit this particular interpretation of Coldplay’s sounds.

As we began piecing together the correct verses to match the correct beats, it became clear how truly amazing this project really is.  This is what real music is supposed to sound like.  The lyrical elegance of Shawn Carter, the vocal magic of Chris Martin, the finely tuned instruments of Coldplay, the creative visions by our team of producers, and lastly, our analysis of which Jay verse best fit each track.”

Grab Viva La Hova and tell us what you think in the comments.

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ChromeoPitchfork has reverse engineered the recipe for “Tenderoni” by Chromeo and came up with the following:

  • 6 cups repetitive keyboard space bass
  • 2 cups “Staying Alive” disco guitar
  • 3 tbsp Zapp & Roger vocoder
  • 1 tsp cowbell
  • 2 small bags of keyboard handclaps
  • 1 fake fadeout

Bring space bass to a boil. Stir in disco guitar, handclaps, and vocoder until an even mixture is achieved. Sprinkle cowbell into broth. Let cool. Pour into bowl, and carefully place fadeout on top. Serves two creeps.

After listening to this track way too many times, we’ve found that there is no way to argue this. The rest of the Chromeo album, Fancy Footwork, is just as solid and the perfect way to start your day. Grab the “Tenderoni” MP3 download below, here and once you’ve looped it a hundred times or so,  grab the remixes.

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