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Beyonce and Jay-Z

and Jay-Z have topped a poll of Hollywood’s highest-earning couples compiled by Forbes.com, with combined earnings of $122 million between June 2008 and June 2009.

The singer and her hip-hop mogul husband amassed the massive sum through their music, movies, fragrances and endorsement deals with brands including Budweiser and American Express.

Their earnings were almost double that of runners-up and Calista Flockhart, whose $69 million was largely based on Harrison’s $65 million Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull paycheck. (That amount still put them $14 million above third-placed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.)

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Beyonce and Jay-Z and Jay-Z are about to change their names. Jay-Z - whose real name is Shawn Carter - will now be known as Shawn Knowles-Carter, while Beyonce is to become Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

“They want to keep Knowles because Beyonce’s parents didn’t have any sons and they’re keen to keep the name going strong, especially if they don’t produce any children themselves,” a source told the Daily Star.

Earlier this week, the Knowles family suffered a blow when it was announced that Beyonce’s parents Tina and Mathew would be divorcing after 29 years of marriage. In October, rumors surfaced that Mathew may have been unfaithful. Alexandra Wright filed a paternity suit, though Matthew has denied being the father of her unborn child.

In a statement the estranged couple claimed their divorce would not be “an ugly, messy fight” and that they would continue working together amicably.

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Kings of Leon

- who teamed with Jay-Z on “Empire State of Mind” - has named a few other artists she’d like to collaborate with.

“Working with other people is definitely something I want to do more of. I love it a lot. It takes me out of my element into a whole other world. I’d love to collaborate with and M.I.A. I think would be crazy,” she said.

Alicia has previously worked with Whitney Houston, co-writing her hit single “Million Dollar Bill,” and Jack White on the James Bond theme “Another Way To Die.”

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There was a time when worked alongside Jon Stewart as a correspondent for The Daily Show. Now, he’s got his own show. So what’s next for the funnyman? How about rapping?

On last night’s broadcast of the The Colbert Report, the host joined for a rendition of “Empire State of Mind.” Does Jay-Z have anything to worry about? Watch for yourself.

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Garth Brooks-Apparently retirement didn’t sit with Garth Brooks very well. The country singer began a lengthy stay as the Wynn Hotel’s headliner this weekend.

-Can Jennifer Lopez stay on her feet this time? Find out when the “Louboutins” singer and Mary J. Blige perform on So You Think You Can Dance’s season finale this Wednesday.

-Def Leppard’s former manager, Trudy Green, is suing the band and their accountant for non-payment. Love hurts.

-Billboard recently charted the top One-Hit Wonders of the decade. Somebody out there is having a really “Bad Day.”

-Speaking of the decade, Newsweek chose their Best Albums of the past ten years. Anyone else surprised by the Kelly Clarkson mention?

-Although they already have two children together, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and his girlfriend, Jill McCormick, are finally getting around to that wedding thing. The longtime couple became engaged a week ago.

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Chris Brown

is furious major retail stores are refusing to stock his latest album.

The “I Can Transform Ya” singer - who was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in February - recently posted a series of angry tweets blasting stores who refuse to sell his LP .

“I’m tired of this s**t. major stores are blackballing my CD. Not stocking the shelves and lying to customers. what the f**k do I gotta do?... WTF… yeah I said it and I aint retracting s**t… I’m not biting my tongue about s**t else… The industry can kiss my a*s.”

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Lenny Kravitz-Lenny Kravitz has shot down rumors that he may replace family friend Steven Tyler in Aerosmith. Who even thought that could be a possibility?

-Despite several years away, Eminem managed to become the top-selling artist of the decade. The Beatles’ 1 topped sales for any single album.

-A collaboration between Justin Timberlake and Jamie Foxx has just leaked. You can judge whether it’s a “Winner” for yourself here.

-She & Him, comprised of actress Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, will be releasing a new album next year. Volume 2 hits stores on March 23.

-The Ting Tings’ Katie White said their recent Grammy nom for Best New Artist led to her pulling a stomach muscle. There’s a reason why they say “Beauty is pain.”

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Beyonce has been nominated for ten Grammy awards.

The “Halo” singer and - who has been recognized in eight categories - were revealed as the most nominated artists at yesterday’s Grammy Nominations Concert Live! event. The two stars will be competing against each other for the coveted Record, Song and Album of the Year prizes.

Kanye West, soul singer Maxwell and the Black Eyed Peas all received six nominations, while Jay-Z, French DJ David Guetta and Lady Gaga are each up for five awards.

Lady Gaga’s The Fame and single “Poker Face” were both nominated in the top categories while the Peas are in the running for Album of the Year (The E.N.D.) and Record of the Year (“I Gotta Feeling”). ‘s “Use Somebody” made the list for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Dave Matthews Band’s Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King was the final nomination for Album of the Year, while Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings” rounded off the Song of the Year nominations.

The 52nd annual Grammy Awards will take place on January 31 in Los Angeles. You can find a complete list of nominees here.

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Chris Brown Graffiti albumA song that’s allegedly from ’s new album Graffiti has appeared on the Internet.

Titled “Famous Girl,” the ditty seems to be one that’s close to Brown’s heart.

to it yourself and see if you think you know which “famous girl” he might be singing about.

hits stores on December 8.

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The Fugees

Wyclef Jean wants to reform .

The rapper, singer and producer is currently working on his solo material and says he hopes that when former bandmates and Pras Michel hear his new EP, From the Hut to the Projects to the Mansion it will inspire them to reunite.

“Somehow The Fugees is the soundtrack to everyone’s house. What I’m hoping is that this group really gets inspired by the new movement that I’m on right now, the new music that I’ve got coming out, the movement with the youth, and I’m hoping they’ll get inspired and be like, ‘Yo, let’s find Clef and let’s get this thing cracking.’ And it would be an honor to go in and make it a super album,” Jean told DJBooth.net.

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