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Michael Jackson Better on the Other Side

New York’s Hot 97 just put out a free MP3 download of a tribute track. The song, Better On The Other Side, features The Game, Chris Brown, DIddy, Polow Da Don, Mario, Usher, Boyz II Men, and more. You can download the track now, or head to Hot 97’s tribute page for more info on the song.

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DJ SpinbadSay goodbye to the silly 80s revival, because it’s getting old. The early 90s has been represented and celebrated at raves, but we haven’t seen the music of the 90s make it’s big comeback yet. However, DJ Spinbad may be just the man who shines a light on the 90s, rekindling interest in the decade that began almost 20 years ago. He just put out a free 90s megamix that is pretty amazing. It features music from the decade, but also splices in TV and film audio bites as well, creating an amazing 80-minute mix that anyone alive in the 90s will enjoy. You can download the free MP3 at the link below.

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Beyonce Knowles Knowles took a 45-foot car ride from her London hotel to a shop. The Single Ladies singer took two chauffeur driven vehicles containing her team and bodyguards, trailed by paparazzi, on a car journey from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - located in the exclusive Knightsbridge area of the UK capital - to the Harvey Nicholls department store across the street. Beyonce reportedly demanded on being driven because she didn’t want to walk in her high heels.

After being escorted around the designer store for just 20 minutes she took her car back to her hotel. A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Beyonce has always been down to earth but her antics were astonishing. It looked like they were preparing for a long journey, but it was over as soon as it began. It would have been much quicker to have strolled across the road.

The 27-year-old singer is in the UK for the final dates of her I Am world tour.

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Lauryn HillAn undisclosed health issue has forced the cancellation of Lauryn Hill’s entire European tour.

The Fugees’ former lead singer had been scheduled to headline the Stockholm Jazz Festival on July 15. Performances in Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy, France and Austria were to follow.

Hill’s agent gave no further details while contacting festival organizers earlier this week.

Those shows would have come nearly 10 years after the debut of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. That album went on to see five Grammys after its release in 1998.

Since that time, the R&B singer has spent most of her time out of the limelight. Lauryn and her boyfriend, Rohan Marley, currently have five children together.

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How do you know Whitney Houston’s about to make a comeback? Because there’s a countdown on her website that tells us so.

Although it’s still hard to get visions of Whitney Houston saying “Kiss My Ass” out of our heads (Thank you, Joel McHale), the singer has been working hard to repair her image since her 2007 divorce from Bobby Brown. She even returned to the television spotlight during February’s Grammys.

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The situation with Rihanna may have cost Chris Brown a lot of fans, but that won’t keep the singer from trying to win them over.

Even though a preliminary hearing on his assault case is just weeks away, the singer is currently focusing his energy on a new album. According to songwriter and collaborator Robert Allen, Brown’s time away from the spotlight has been about more than just hiding out. (Because, as he made it quite clear in the video, he “ain’t a monster.”) “You want to go away so your audience can miss you some,” Allen said. “But he’s so happy and ready for this next album to break through and make a big impact. He wants this to be his masterpiece. He’s predicting this will be his biggest album.”

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This song might not be as catchy as “Single Ladies”, but this clip for “Ego” is definitely as energetic.

After watching ‘s new video, tell us what you think. Should Ms. Knowles take a break from the black-and-white dance videos for a while…or will her routine never get old?

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Chris Brown country song is currently recording a country song. The 20-year-old Brown, who has pleaded not guilty to assaulting on/off girlfriend in February, is believed to be working on a new track called ‘Trapped in a Dream’ which may be included on his next album.

Chris’ producer Robert Allen said: “Maybe we’ll see an appearance from country star Carrie Underwood or someone like that. It’s that kind of song. It’s just feeling like you don’t want that dream to go away. Everybody has a dream and you’re in it, but you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ You feel like you’re still in that dream.”

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Snoop Dogg

A number of acts will be hitting the road this year. Here’s hoping one of them comes your way:

  • Aerosmith: The band will rock it out with ZZ Top later this summer. The tour begins June 10 in St. Louis.
  • Austin City Limits: You can expect a number of big names at this October festival. Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Lily Allen, the Dave Matthews Band and the Beastie Boys represent just a sampling.
  • Blazed and Confused Tour: Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid and Stephen Marley will be trekking the country together starting on July 10.
  • Bob Dylan: Beginning July 2, Willie Nelson and John Mellancamp will join the legendary folk singer during a 22-city tour of minor league baseball parks.
  • Green Day: After a three-year hiatus, the group will resume touring this year. The 38-city journey starts July 3 in Seattle.

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UPDATE: The clip has now been proven to be a hoax.

Some things aren’t meant to be heard.

According to the Howard Stern program, the recording above was from ‘s performance on the Today show. Fans at that November outdoor concert were treated to a much different version—the prerecorded track she supposedly sang over.

After listening to the audio above, check out the “live” version after the jump.

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