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Damon Albarn performing Dr. DeeThe music of Damon Albarn's Dr. Dee project is "spookily evocative."

The opera, about the life of an Elizabethan scientist, first opened last year at the Manchester International Festival, and has been turned into a studio album which is described as "visual" and "evocative" by collaborator Mike Smith.

"It's spookily evocative, that's what I think when I play it. It's very visual. You can almost see it, it's that evocative. There's a dramatic element to the music on its own," he said.

Conductor André de Ridder agrees with Mike, calling Dr. Dee "emotional."

"It's very deep and emotional music. It's kind of magic but also mysterious subject matter but as it sinks in it grows on you. It's wonderful and it opens up new rooms and spaces each time you perform it," he said.

Damon previously said he wrote the opera because of his ''strong emotional connection'' to the character: "I've got a really strange emotional connection - it really gets to me, that haunted, magical England. It's something that really stirs me in an irrational way. It's just amazing how much color there is in his ideas. Just imagine the English now if we had kept that spirit in our hearts."

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Mel Gibson recently said that he found himself attracted to Oksana Grigorieva’s talent before he actually met the singer. Now the actor/director is dating the Russian musician, the mother of soon-to-be eighth child.

On her new album, Beautiful Heartache, the 39-year-old is credited as the sole writer on every song with the exception of one. For “Say My Name,” which can be seen above, the classically trained pianist received lyrical help from Gibson. “It is naked, intimate, raw emotion, little more than piano and voice as if it is a cry from the soul,” Oksana said of the song. [NOTE: Mel also had a hand in directing the boring video.]

If you like the sampling, you can check out more of Grigorieva’s work through her website.

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This Sunday’s kickoff to Inauguration Week will look like a night at the . The January 18 ceremony - titled “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial” - boasts a lineup that most people would have to pay big bucks for. But for this one time, it will be free to everyone.

The event is just one of many being held next week for ‘s January 20 inauguration. The incoming president will be honored at a number of ceremonies over several days.

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