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Forza Motorsport 2 Nissan 350Z

Hitting late tonight (well technically, tomorrow, August 1) at 2AM PST will be a free Nissan car pack for Forza Motorsport 2, which includes the 2007 models of the Sentra SE-R, Altima, and 350Z. There will also be a single car that you can purchase for a measly 50 Microsoft Points (or $0.62) in the Peugeot 908. To celebrate the release of the free downloadable content, there will be a variety of events held by Nissan and Xbox.

The first of these activities will be a Nissan Sentra SE-R tournament on Xbox LIVE. In addition to the tournament, Nissan and Xbox will also be hosting an in-game customization contest, as fans utilize the incredibly deep livery system of “Forza Motorsport 2” to create unique and stunning paint jobs on their Nissan Sentra SE-Rs. The contest will be judged by a panel comprised of Turn 10 developers and Nissan representatives, as fans vie for the title of ultimate Nissan customizer. 

Further details will be unveiled on ForzaMotorsport.net, and we’ll keep you up-to-date here at Playfeed. Check after the break for shots of both the Altima and Sentra. (That’s a 350Z above, in case you aren’t great at figuring that sort of thing out.)

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Vampire Rain

While neither of these games are really my bag (Sylpheed is nice and all, but it’s just not as fun as, say, StarLancer), those of you who do have them can head onto the Xbox Live Marketplace to pick up some free DLC.

Sylpheed’s content is composed of six new missions and leaderboards (was the game rushed to release?), while Vampire Rain gets a bonus mission. From the press release:

Appealing to those with dreams of becoming an ace pilot, six new “Project Sylpheed” missions will offer a fresh set of challenges for gamers. The downloadable content will also include six new super-weapons to add to existing arsenals, plus Xbox LIVE Leaderboard support allowing players to track their rank and compete against their friends. The “Project Sylpheed” demo is also available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for eager intergalactic aerial pilots who want to hone their skills.
The “Vampire Rain” downloadable content will feature two new levels, which will test player’s sneak attack skills. Gamers can play as Claire Kelly in the first bonus level to eliminate Nightwalkers using only the UV knife for sneak attacks, or play as Duane Hanson in the second bonus level in a series of timed missions requiring them to collect all required equipment for the pending quest. Additionally, gamers can go to www.vampirerain.com to download all new in-game music for an extra boost of adrenaline.

According to Major Nelson, technical problems have caused the Project Sylpheed content to be yanked from Marketplace temporarily. Keep an eye on Major Nelson’s post to find out the moment the content goes live on again.