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Mission Impossible 3Just recently, Paramount Pictures unleashed the brand new Mission Impossible III trailer onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. The trailer is naturally available in 720p as well as 480p, just as the recently released X-Men 3 teaser trailer was. Both sequels hit theaters next May. It’s funny, the first next-gen gaming console has been released, and we’re using it substantially to download movie trailers, videogame demos, and cheap arcade games. We’re all for complete online integration though, so we’re loving it!

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Xbox 360 Backwards CompatibilitySo, we were feeling nostalgic last night and decided to play a little Halo 2 on the Xbox 360. Earlier in the day, there had been an update to the backwards compatibility list, and the Xbox 360 prompted us to download it before continuing with the gaming session. After the update was applied, we fired up Halo 2, only to find that it had been “broken.” How so? We have a 46” widescreen HDTV in our lab, and Halo 2 has always played in its widescreen mode. This time, it was in a 4x3 box, squeezed so that everything was really skinny. I made sure the aspect ratio of the TV hadn’t been changed, but when I changed it to 4x3, it was even thinner. So basically, the latest update has rendered playing Halo 2 in widescreen 720p non-existent. Luckily, it looks like the right people are aware of the problem, and a fix should be released later today.

With all of the new

fresh meat

people on Xbox Live with the release of the Xbox 360, we figured we would gather the Gamertags of the readers to make it easier to find people to add to your Friends List to play against on Live - and gloat to over your latest Gamer Points achievements. We have set up a thread on our forum where we would love for you to post your Gamertag. We will keep the list nice and tidy for you right at the top.

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Perfect Dark ZeroWhen we realized that about 90% of the time we try to connect to a multiplayer session over Xbox Live in Perfect Dark Zero, we did some checking. As it turns out, this is not an issue isolated to our network, as plenty of people are experiencing a similar phenomenon. The error message displayed is as follows:

“You have lost connection to the match.”

Ouch. Anyone else having this problem?


This widget displays your gamer card, or anyone elses gamer card for Xbox Live on Xbox 360. This includes information on your Avatar, Gamer Rep, Gamer Score and Zone. This will also display the most recent games the player has played, though clicking on them will not take you to the comparison page at the moment because Dashboard cannot open URLs with special characters in them. You can however click on the Avatar to be taken to the players profile page.

You will need a Macintosh with 10.4 or greater to run the Dashboard version or a Windows/Mac OS computer with a copy of Konfabulator 2.1.

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Xbox Live 360I was emailed a Press Release from Microsoft today about Xbox Live info for 360. Here’s the rundown!

Microsoft Corp. today announced that the next generation of online multiplayer gaming service Xbox Live® will be available in North America on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system starting this holiday. In addition to the free Xbox Live Silver membership available to every Xbox 360 owner, for only $49.99 (U.S.) or $59.99 (CDN)* gamers can amplify their gaming experience with a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership. Gamers looking for a truly engaging and immersive online multiplayer experience can pick up one of the Xbox Live Premium Gold Packs, which include the new Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox Live Arcade games, Microsoft® Points for use in Xbox Live Marketplace, and mail-in rebates for up to $20 (U.S.) off any Xbox 360 game.

Microsoft also today announced that credit cards will no longer be required to create an account on Xbox Live for Xbox 360, removing one of the biggest barriers to entry. Gamers can purchase 12-month Xbox Live subscription cards via cash or other payment methods at any participating retail store. Subscriptions will also be available for purchase by credit card in one-month, three-month and 12-month increments through the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Get more on the rundown below.

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