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Worms HD

It looks like the Xbox Live Arcade version of Worms should be hitting the Marketplace soon; Team 17 recently confirmed that the game had finally passed Microsoft certification to Eurogamer. While a firm release date was not set, the Team 17 representative claimed the game should be showing up on Xbox Live in the next few weeks.

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Xbox Logo It’s fairly safe to say that Microsoft is currently in the enviable position of currently having the most versatile and robust online service of all the next-gen consoles. With everything they’ve learned from the original Xbox, and their year head start on the other two next-gen consoles, the Xbox 360 was able to gain this upper hand in the online department. But does this mean the big M$ is going to rest on their laurels? Heck no. In fact, Microsoft wants suggestions from you, Mr. Xbox 360 owner, on how exactly Xbox Live can become even better.

Head on over to MajorNelson’s blog to check out his call for suggestions. Interestingly, MajorNelson seems to be focused on the question of how Xbox Live can be made better for Xbox users, while the original call from Ozymandias is more interested in the question of the “Live” service pertaining to multiple devices (i.e., Zune, PC, Xbox, etc.), so it’s not clear what the focus of their new developments will be. Given that the big Bill has recently admitted that the Xbox 360 is M$‘s way of getting its tentacles into your home entertainment center, though, it’s a pretty sure bet that they’re eventually working on dominating your entire living room.

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A week ago, EA was nice enough to give us a review copy of their latest tactical squad-based FPS, Battlefield 2142. Following in the footsteps of Battlefield 2, 2142 features well-balanced strategic combat with a ton of depth and near-infinite replay value. These are the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from the Battlefield series (as well as its competitors, Counterstrike and Team Fortress among them), but does 2142 have the stuff to rise above the rest? Click the jump for our full review!! 😊

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Halo Wars

One of the bigger announcements to start X06 in Barcelona was the confirmation that a Halo RTS was in the works, from one of the big names in the RTS genre, Ensemble Studios. Halo Wars will be appearing on the Xbox 360, and the official web site for the game has launched. The site offers backgrounds and a high definition download of the trailer that was shown at X06. The FAQ for the game indicates that this will be a prequel of sorts, with the battles taking place before the first Halo game as the war between the USNC and the Covenant escalates.

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DescriptionNintendo of Europe has posted some information on the upcoming 42 All-Time Classics (dubbed Clubhouse Games in the US and releasing on October 9th). According to their site, the game will feature access to the Nintendo WiFi Connection in addition to multiplayer single-cart play.

From the site:

You can play solo or challenge up to seven friends by sharing one game card. And if you don’t have anyone to play with, simply log on to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and find opponents across Europe or in the US. You can even chat to each other, PictoChat-style, while you play!

That last bit about PictoChat-style conversations sounds quite exciting. If the title is bargain priced (and I sure hope it is given the graphics and simple gameplay) then this game could give you a great way to chat with your friends across the globe. Currently, PictoChat on the DS only allows you to talk to people through direct DS-to-DS wireless connections.

The site also lists another first for Nintendo - the game will allow you to play with up to seven other players through Nintendo WiFi Connection (most other games max out at four). Given that the parlor games don’t depend on quick reaction time, this makes a lot of sense as lag won’t be an issue. Still, it’s nice to see some games that support larger numbers of players on the DS.

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Half-Life 2EA recently hosted the Summer Showcase to highlight some of their upcoming products, and Gamespot blogged a live report from the presentation.

Mythic was there, and showed off the E3 Warhammer Online trailer, but there was no information on their work on Ultima Online.

Valve’s Gabe Newell was also there. He first talked about the latest upgrades to the Source engine for Episode 2. Then, he showed off the prototype for a new game with a working title of Portal. Team Fortress 2 was shown and features a new look and feel; the game has been remade to have more of a 60’s era spy movie sensibility. Half-Life: Episode 2 will apparently hit the PC, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3 on the same day. Console gamers will also get all previous Half-Life 2 content, so it looks like the Xbox 360 Half-Life 2 rumors were true.

Other game titles discussed include the recently announced Lord of the Rings: The White Council, and the six Wii games that EA announced earlier. Need for Speed: Carbon was shown for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and apparently looked very similar. There was other mystery content announced that could not be talked about, so hopefully more information about those titles will leak out in the near future.

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Uno Nintendo DSIt turns out Uno isn’t just for your Xbox 360 anymore. This October Uno, Skip-Bo, and Uno Free Fall will be coming to the Nintendo DS.  The collection of Mattel games will be on one compilation cartridge, letting you get your on the go Uno fix quite easily.  Not a whole lot of information is available, but we can definitely imagine Uno taking advantage of the DS microphone for calling out Uno before your online opponent.  Can the mobile version of Uno be as addicting as the Xbox Live Arcade counterpart?  I wonder how many people are playing Uno for the first time on a console, and if a console is the future of card games.

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In a move sure to excite Wii owners to be, Ignition Entertainment has updated their release list to include two Mercury titles for the Wii.  Previously Mercury was a Sony exclusive, and a great asset to the PSP catalog.  The first installment, Mercury Meltdown, will be released in November followed shortly after by Mercury Type R, before the end of Q4.  The Mercury series includes hours of stimulating puzzles in which you move a blob of mercury around an environment through various gates and around obstacles.  The movement of your blob is controlled by tilting the platform that the blob is on, making the Wii-mote a natural choice.  This is a strong launch title for the Nintendo Wii and signals more support by third party developers.

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DS Game and Watch Collection CaseClub Nintendo Japan has got more items to keep the Nintendo fanboys back in the States drooling. Chief among them is an exclusive title, Game and Watch Collection for the DS, which features ports of many of the old-school Game and Watch games, including Donkey Kong. Another great-looking item is a DS game case, roughly the size of a CD case, that has room for 9 DS cartridges and includes 7 different DS lite styluses in a variety of colors (one for each day of the week?)

We can only hope that one day Nintendo will realize its folly and create something similar to Club Nintendo for the USA. For now, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for eBay auctions of what are sure to become some highly sought-after items.

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LuminesGame Informer has put up an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi, founder of Q Entertainment and of Lumines and Rez fame.  Mizuguchi speaks at length on the four(!) upcoming versions of Lumines in the works.  First up, is Lumines Live, an Xbox Live Arcade version of the title in which a plethora of skins, music tracks and various other features such as online ranking and versus mode will be constantly added and made available via the Xbox Live marketplace.  No exact details were given yet, but Mizugiuchi mentions seasonal skins/music and confirms Madonna as being on the soundtrack.  Next is Lumines Mobile, which has been licensed to Buena Vista Games and is being developed by Gameloft.  Also mentioned is Lumines Plus a more or less direct port of Lumines to the Playstation 2.  While Lumines Plus will feature a few unspecified new additions, online play has yet to be determined. Finally, Mizuguchi divulges some new info on Lumines 2, the sequel to the original PSP Lumines.  Lumines 2 is set to feature over 100 songs by artists of various genres, full motion video, and a brand new mission mode.  He also mentions the development of a Disney themed version of Meteos, possibly with online play and muses about the possibility of Lumines on the Playstation 3.  Overall, it looks as though we’ll have no shortage of Lumines titles in the coming summer/fall seasons.


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