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Gear of War

Jeux-France has posted a series of new Gears of War images. Gears of War is slated to ship later this year for the Xbox 360. Epic’s developing the tactical action/survival-horror title. From the images, it is looking great.

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Splinter Cell 4

The upcoming Splinter Cell title for next-gen consoles is looking pretty slick, don’t you think? The original Splinter Cell, released a few years ago, was arguably one of the best looking Xbox games. In fact, many gamers claim the series has the best graphics of any current-gen games.

It’s only natural that as we enter the next-gen, gamers everywhere are expecting the new Splinter Cell title, Double Agent, to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous when it’s released. As it currently stands, Double Agent is seen as one of the more visually appealing upcoming next-gen games, right beside Metal Gear Solid 4. Isn’t it interesting that the two games aren’t only extremely good looking, but are also stealth games? Sure, the Metal Gear Solid series may have a little more action while the Splinter Cell games have a bit more sneaking, but they sure are pretty similar. We have more images after the jump.

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Apple iPlaySomeone out there pondered what an Apple-branded game console might look like, and whipped up a few mockups for the world to see. From our perspective, this looks more like a paper shredder and/or office trash can than a game console - but then again, so does the Sony PS3. Check out a few more images after the jump.

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Xbox 360 Disc Error

Strangely enough, when I first inserted our Call of Duty 2 disc into the Xbox 360, we got an error stating that the DVD would only be playable on the Xbox 360. Basically, either the disc didn’t realize that it was in an Xbox 360 - or the Xbox 360 didn’t realize that it was, in fact, an Xbox 360. Huh. A quick reboot fixed it, but this is curious nonetheless.

360 Controller Installation Label

So, check it. We just picked up an Xbox 360 for Windows controller the other day - you know, the one that is the exact same wired 360 controller that will be available for the Xbox 360, but at a price of $5 more because it comes with Windows XP installation software? Yeah, that’s the one. Nonetheless, we figured we would give you all a peek at exactly what your extra $5 gets you as we snapped images of the controller along with the installation process, which you can check out after the jump. By the way, we tried out the controller on Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2 - no dice. The games need to be updated to add support for the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. I expect that will happen fairly soon. For now, enjoy the photos.

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Half Life 2 for Xbox

There are new Xbox Half Life 2 screenshots available, and the good news is that its looking as good as it possibly can on the ‘Box. Keeping in mind that the Xbox ranks in at 700 Mhz PIII with 64 MB RAM, this game is really pushing the Xbox to its full potential. Bit-tech has some more screenshots of the game running on the Xbox and claim the final version is near completion.

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