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Wedding Crashers UMDThere’s no doubt that the PSP’s biggest seller feature is its availability of UMD movies. The ability to watch a movie wherever you go is great and every week more and more movies hit the shelves. This week New Line Home Entertainment launches seven more top comedy hits to UMD format including Wedding Crashers “Uncorked” Edition, Dumb and Dumber: Unrated, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: Extreme Unrated Edition, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Friday. Now you can have some laughs on the ride to work, in the waiting room, during your lunch hour, or wherever else you choose to watch your portable movies. Wedding Crashers will set you back $29.99 and the rest can be picked up for a cool Jackson.


Xbox 360

Don’t have an Xbox 360 but want one? Well it looks like you may have to pitch a tent outside your local Best Buy pretty soon. According to IGN, Best Buy has confirmed that it well sell additional 360s on December 18th - that’s this Sunday. The retailer will reportedly sell anywhere between twenty and sixty units per store, and if launch was any indication, this next allotment of machines will surely sell out instantly.

Good luck to those of you contemplating heading out to your local Best Buy. And who knows, you may even meet someone famous while camping out!

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Dead or Alive 4Looking for some new games to spend your hard-earned money on? Well you’re in luck! What follows is a list of games that will be hitting retail shops between now and the end of 2005.

This Week:
Final Fantasy IV Advanced - GBA
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku I & II - GBA
Chaos Field - GCN
Gauntlet Seven Sorrows - Xbox/PS2
Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play - PSP

Next Week:
Pocket Dogs - GBA
Samurai Showdown V - Xbox
Dead or Alive 4 - Xbox 360

Aside from Dead or Alive 4, it looks like there isn’t anything too excited due out for the rest of the year. Furthermore, will Dead or Alive 4 even come out this year? It’s slated to ship on December 21st, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if it were delayed again.

Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play could turn out to be a keeper, but we’ll hold judgment on it for now. And finally what the heck is Pocket Dogs? Dare it be a Nintendogs rip-off?