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Namco Bandai showed off Tekken 6 via trailer at the AOU Arcade show in Japan, and now the same trailer is available for download on the official Tekken 6 Japanese site. The trailer shows off two of the new characters from the latest entry in the fighter franchise, Leo and Zafina, many of the environments, some development clips, and a couple of characters from previous games. Its still a little hard to tell how well this is going to look from the rather low resolution trailer offered, but one can’t help but get excited for the first fully HD entry in the Tekken series. Namco Bandai’s official site also offers up some screenshots and wallpapers for the new characters.

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Tekken Dark Resurrection HD

Tekken: Dark Resurrection for the Playstation 3 will officially be available to US customer this month, according to a report on 1up. Namco has not offered any pricing or an exact availability date, but the release time frame will put the game squarely against Sega’s upcoming Virtua Fighter 5 release on February 20th. Of course, the Tekken: Dark Resurrection download will more than likely cost less than half of the retail Virtua Fighter release, which should Namco’s sales. Namco also clarified that the release will not include online battles, but their statement leaves open the possibility that such a feature could be added in the future. North American availability has trailed the Japanese release by almost two months; online gamers have speculated that this might mean additional gameplay modes and content, however, at this time it looks like this is not the case.

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Tekken PS3

Tekken: Dark Resurrection for the Playstation 3 has been made available via download through Sony’s Playstation Store in Japan. For 2,000 Yen ($16), gamers can get an HD updated port of Dark Resurrection for the PSP, including support for 1080P. Like the PSP release, it appears the download does not support direct online play, but will support ghost mode updates.

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Tales of the TempestNamco’s new entry in their Tales RPG series, Tales of the Tempest is set to ship on October 26th in Japan. Ahead of the release, Game Watch Japan has a set of screenshots from the game. The shots show off a few of the different gameplay situations, including the skit system, which carries over from earlier entrants in the series. Also depicted are some in-battle screens that show off some of the special attacks, some shots of the overworld, and a couple of the dungeon areas. The game follows the story of the Caius Qualls, aged 15, on a quest to find out more information about his real parents. No US release date has been announced, but other releases in the series have made it to the US, so there is hope.

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Pac-Man Live ArcadeAfter 25 years of devouring ghosts on systems incapable of churning out high-definition graphics and surround sound, Pac-Man has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 as part of Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays. The download will run you 400 points, and contains over 250 levels, along with orignal music and sound effects. Microsoft is pimping that the game has high definition grahics, but let’s not kid ourselves, you won’t be blown away here. Leaderboards and acheivements round out this offering. We know - you can play Pac-Man for free just about anywhere else. If you find today’s release a bit lackluster, just know that next week you will finally get your hands on Texas Hold’em Poker. Of course, since poker isn’t my thang, I am looking straight into next month, awaiting Lumines Live with baited breath…