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Teacher Using Video Games59% of teachers surveyed in Mori Poll said that they’d consider using games in their classes to educate students. While we don’t have any previous data to compare these new findings to, they’re still very significant. An increasingly high number of people play video games, more and more of them recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games. Furthermore, even people who don’t regularly play video games are coming to understand games have such benefits through word of mouth - that is, from other people talking to them about games.

While I don’t expect students to begin playing Grand Theft Auto in classrooms around the nation, there’s high potential for other games. Back in the day on the NES, educational games such as ones that featured the Sesame Street license weren’t unheard of. Maybe we’ll begin seeing more educational titles as a result of this study. Still, I’ll be the first to jump up and say that I played Oregon Trail back in elementary school, over 10 years ago. Who knew fending off small pox could be so much fun?

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PBSNo, we’re not talking about Nintendo’s Revolution - rather the video game industry’s revolution as a whole. While video games have become a big part of our lives, you simply can’t forget their humble origins and the sheer fact that they’re a relatively new form of entertainment. The linked PBS feature takes a great look at the history of video games - starting in the 60’s and going through recent years. Additionally, the feature covers how games have forever changed our world.

We recommend taking a look at the linked feature - it’s pretty well done.

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Head Shaking GamerA 9-year-old boy was ordered to stop playing video games. As odd as it sounds, turns out that after playing a lot of video games over his winter break, he began noticing that his head was uncontrollably jerking back and forth. As a result, his doctor ordered him to stop playing PlayStation - and sure enough, his head stopped jerking. It’s too bad this kid ran into trouble most likely as a result of playing video games - and it seems really unusual. However, console and game manufacturers do suggest limiting your hours playing games and watching out for seizures and the like.

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PGR3 Real Life Comparison

Someone over in Japan took some pictures of different locations that are featured in PGR3. In the linked forum post, the real-life photos are placed immediately above the shots of the sites in PGR3. As you’ll see, PGR3 has the details down almost perfectly.

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Japanese Box Art

Hardcore Gaming 101 has posted an interesting feature, entitled ‘Japanese Artwork of Western Games’. Basically, the story features image comparisons of U.S. game box arts (for games like Prince of Persia, Halo, and Ratchet and Clank) compared with their respective Japanese artwork. Some of the Japanese artwork is anime, and we were honestly surprised by a few of the boxes.

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PopCap GamesSure, we’ve always know that games are good for your brain - but the general public hasn’t. PopCap, a casual games designer, has joined up with The Games For Health Project ““to gather, evaluate, and share research on the use of digital games and cognitive health.” Sounds good to us. Once the study’s completed (and it shows that games are indeed good for our brains) then hopefully the masses will come to appreciate games moreso.

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Jack ThompsonOh Jack, what are we going to do with you? The lawyer who wants you to stop playing video games is at it again. This time though, in an interview with NetJack, he says that video games are “masturbatory” and that they’re not healthy. Hey Jack, you know that most people are able to put down a video game controller right? Heck, I just got back from the gym.

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I am 8 bit

A new art book entitled “I am 8-bit” was just released and a number of pictures from the book have been posted online. As you could probably guess, the pictures are based upon games from the 8-bit days. The artistic styles of each of the pictures certainly vary but all of them have a strong feeling of 8-bit nostalgia - it’s definitely worth a look.

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7 Year Old Halo 2

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face and make you chuckle, nothing will. MLG has posted details of a gigantic Halo tournament in Chicago where a 7 year old, know as ‘Lil Poison’ finished in second! We can only imagine how horrible the gamers who lost to this kid felt…

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Description It’s tough to believe that 2005 is about over as we browse through all the ‘year in review’ and ‘2005 award’ stories. The latest story of that nature has been posted over at Next Generation where their top games are listed within 9 different genres. There aren’t any numbered rankings to be found - so you don’t have a ‘#1 game’ to agree or disagree with, but we feel they’ve done a top-notch job with the feature, and that it’s certainly worth checking out.

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