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Xbox Live Arcade and Virtual Console Releases This Week

BonkThere are six new games to choose from this week on and , though none of them are original games (which you expect from VC but even XBLA is arcade ports this week). Plus, most of this week’s games are relatively inexpensive with one exception.

Games this week include Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure, Adventure Island, Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Cyberball 2072 and Fatal Fury Special. Details for the releases are below.

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It’s Official: Neo Geo Games Heading to Wii

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Neo Geo Home SystemIGN.com announced today, via an interview with SNK Playmore USA President Ben Herman, that indeed, SNK is planning on bringing many of the classic titles for the ill-fated but well-powered Neo Geo console to the Wii’s VC service.

While the interview is scant on details (Herman dodges most of the real questions, like price, release dates, and number of titles), there are some interesting tidbits. For one, Herman says that he expects the VC titles to retail at “just a little above the Super NES price point”. Given that SNES titles are $8.00, and N-64 titles are $10.00, I think it’s a safe bet that thetitles will thus rest somewhere in the $9.00 range. He also notes that SNK has “120 different titles” to choose from. Finally, he discusses the possibility of bringing SNK compilations over to the Wii in disc form and notes that future compilations WILL be utilizing the classic controller (one of the only reasons I didn’t pick up Metal Slug Anthology was its awkward control schemes).

I think I may squeak with delight when I see King of Fighters in a VC update… for now we’ll just have to hold our breath and hope that SNK brings the best of the best to the Wii, hopefully in a timely fashion!

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