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Brutal Legend Debut Trailer

Sometimes you see a game trailer that just renews your faith in the industry.  Such is the case with this teaser for Brutal Legend, the latest from Tim Schafer and his Double Fine Productions.  Yes, I know it’s a CG trailer, but the insane genius on display here cannot be denied.  Equal parts God of War, Guitar Hero, and Heavy Metal, Brutal Legend promises to be one of the most hilarious and imaginative games of next year.  Toss in the voice talents of actor/comedian Jack Black and a horde of heavy metal rockers, remind yourself that Schafer is the guy behind PC classics Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, as well as last generation’s underplayed platforming gem, Psychonauts, and you have the recipe for a truly special gaming experience. 

Brutal Legend is slated to hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.  Inexplicably, the game’s Wikipedia entry is the only place online that has some solid info on the game, so check out the link below.

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Anticipated PC Demos Dropping This Week: World in Conflict and BioShock

World in Conflict

Timed to sync with the start of and , will release a rather full-featured demo of their upcoming real-time “action” strategy game on Friday containing demos of both the single-player mode via a tutorial, plus one mission as well as multiplayer supporting 16 players. There will be one multiplayer map available to all demo-downloaders that can also be played in solo skirmish mode and a second map playable only by those who pre-order the game. World in Conflict is designed to incorporate first-person shooter elements like speed into the RTS genre and by design requires no resource management. The game is due out September 18th.

In other demo-related news, the PC version of the demo that users have been enjoying since last week is out in time for the full retail release of the game. Any PC users on the fence about this game can check out the first half hour or so of the game and most likely put it down only long enough to run to the store and buy the full copy.

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The Min-E3 2007 Games Lineup

E3 logoSure, the convention is much smaller this year and all, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of games to be seen. Eurogamer has posted a list of the announced lineups and then some of what you’ll be seeing at E3. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been quiet on what they’ll be showing, so it looks like we’ll need to wait until their respective showings to know for sure. The event is taking place next week, so expect it to be a busy week in news.

But please, please, please, Nintendo, show me Animal Crossing Wii. Something. Anything. Please?

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