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Tuesday July 18, 2006 9:20 am

Saints Row Developer Q&A

One of the developers working with Saints Row is answering questions about the game over in the Neoseeker forums.  He is giving out a lot of information about the in-game characters, the vehicles, game play, and the in-game environment.

Can we go Swimming?

Yes, you’ll be able to swim. Also, in case you fall in the drink and the nearest exit point to land is far away all you have to do is press a button and you’ll instantly warp to the nearest exit point.

Are police complete morons like GTA where they are happy to run down 500 peds to stop you after bumping their car?

I wouldn’t say police are morons in our game but in the interest of design and how our notoriety works when the cops come after you they can be relentless.

Will our allies have decent AI? Like not get killed a few minutes into the battle?

Allies are very useful and as long as you are fighting with them they won’t die very easily. But I also must mention that you can revive allies infinitely! Even important, mission critical ones. So no more failing a mission due to bad AI (I hate it when other games do that!)

Head over to the forums to check out even more info on Saints Row.


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