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Thursday June 7, 2007 2:19 pm

Nearly 14-Year-Old Games Getting Remakes: Myst DS Edition

Posted by Chris Pereira Categories: Adventure, Nintendo DS,

Myst island

I have fond memories of first popping Myst into my computer’s CD-ROM drive (oh, how exciting it was at the time!) and exploring its incredible world. While it was only a point-and-click adventure, it still was incredible for its time. It was an experience, to be sure. And for the record, I’ve beaten it more than once - the fair way.

So imagine my surprise when my eyes came upon a press release stating that Myst was getting a remake, DS-style. The game is bound to have a pretty limited appeal, despite the fact that it’s being rebuilt specifically for the DS – a system that is simply the perfect platform for a game of this ilk. Fans will be excited to hear that a new age, known as the RIME Age, will make its way into the game.

While the press release has a sentence that might be a punch to the gut to many gaming fans – “Unlike most adventure games, Myst offers no inventory, no death, and no dialogue.” – it’s something that you really need to play to appreciate.

Gallery: Nearly 14-Year-Old Games Getting Remakes: Myst DS Edition



I remember when everyone was playing this game.  At the time, it was cutting edge, with the high quality graphics, challenging puzzles, and ability to travel around and do whatever you wanted (in a sort of limited sense).  There was a tranquil element involved in just exploring and listening to the sound clues.

Today I’m unsure if such a game would be as welcome as it was in the past, although this would certainly make an interesting addition to the DS library, and I think could possibly work as DLC for some console for those that like this kind of gaming.


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