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Monday December 12, 2005 8:16 pm

In-Game Advertising Proves To Be Effective

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: Corporate News,

Coke Video Game AdA few days ago, Nielsen and Activision released results of a study measuring the effectiveness of in-game ads. Based on the study, most gamers openly welcomed advertising in videogame because it increases videogame realism. While videogame publishers currently do accept in-game advertising, fees they make are nominal. If you’ve played a recent Tony Hawk or True Crime game, you can probably recall ads in the game. Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland features everything from in-game billboard ads to company logos to slap onto your skateboard.

The study’s results are certainly pertinent today considering how much time 18-34 year old males spend playing videogame. With less and less people watching television - and even less paying attention to commercials - marketers need to find different ways of reaching consumers. So if gamers currently feel that in-game ads increase a game’s realism, why shouldn’t marketers increase the type of advertising? Most certainly, game publishers’ will be able to charge advertisers more based upon the results of this study. And with the extra revenue, publishers would hopefully lower game prices - which would be extremely welcome, especially considering the current $60 next-gen games.

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Gallery: In-Game Advertising Proves To Be Effective

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