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Thursday August 24, 2006 5:28 pm

Hidden Charges In Lumines Live?

Lumines Live It looks like the saga of downloadable content on Xbox Live will continue with the release of Lumines Live on the system. Gaming Bits reports on a couple of irksome tidbits mentioned in a review of the game in OXM, the Official Xbox Magazine. According to the review, gamers that advance far enough in either Mission Mode or VS CPU mode will see messaging telling the gamer to buy additional content to continue. The review states that the new “Puzzle/Mission Pack” will cost gamers an additional 400 Marketplace points, and the “VS CPU Pack” will run 300 points. This cost comes in addition to the 1200 Marketplace points that consumers will already have paid out for what they thought was the “full” game. Now, additional levels and paid content for games has been a staple of the Xbox Live Marketplace for a long time now, but this is the first instance where gameplay in the unlocked game is interrupted to shill for additional content. Normally, add-ons wouldn’t be a problem, but this implementation seems horribly poor and would be a slap in the face to the gamer that just dropped $15 for the game download.

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DLC charges are just getting downright out of hand on XBL; unfortunately too many people have no problem paying for nonsensical unneeded content.

Until people actually wise up and stop buying junk [overpriced junk] devs will continue to rack up the cost of your shiny new games.  Hell, GRAW actually costs $80 [including tax] if you have any hopes of playing online anywhere besides ‘Nowhere’.

Also, check out all the buzz @ the xbox forums; apparently EA is releasing alternate jerseys for your favorite teams…but they are going to cost approximately 100-150 PER uniform PER team, and we thought the horse armor was overpriced. 

Welcome to the next generation gamers.


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