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Friday November 3, 2006 2:27 pm

EA Reveals New Titles, Delays To Investors

CrysisEA recently released their second quarter financial results and reported record net revenue. EA credited strong sales of Xbox 360 titles and record sales of Madden 07 for their growth, but more interesting news came out of EA’s conference call for investors. According to a report on Gamasutra, titles like Army of Two and Crysis have been moved to fiscal year 2008 from fiscal year 2007. Spore was mentioned, EA did not announce when the title would generally be available. At the same time, EA mentioned that Sims 3 is currently targeted for fiscal year 2009. Other upcoming titles mentioned were Warhammer Online, Road Rash, a new Harry Potter game and The Simpsons, a licensed title tied to the cinematic release.

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Gallery: EA Reveals New Titles, Delays To Investors

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