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August 22, 2004

Free Computers At FreeDesktopPC.com

Free Desktop PC Computers freedesktoppc.comSo, while may of us have receive our free flat screen TV's and free iPods, many wondered if that was the end of the offers from Gratis Networks. Well, wait no longer - they have now launched freedesktoppc.com. Although the computers are nowhere near high end, you still get to choose from four PC models. Let the rage begin all over again. Sign up for your totally free desktop PC here. Upon complete signup, you must then complete an offer and refer 8 others to do the same.

If you are looking to gain referals, check out the Gear Live Free Desktop PC Referal Thread.

UPDATE: The site is back up, and is live (Gratis had previously pulled the site down to finish its design)!

Posted by Andru at August 22, 2004 11:12 PM

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sweet. i was just thinking about this the other day. BUT i still need refferals for freeipods
come on people help me outhttp://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7217513

Posted by: weaq at August 25, 2004 01:50 PM

gmail invites for people who fully joined

Posted by: jrjdrose at August 25, 2004 05:10 PM

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