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Ricky RomeroAs pitching becomes more and more specialized, we’re gradually seeing a decline in the number of wins and losses they’ll rack up over the course of a career. We’ll never see another 400 or 500 game winner, and even 300 game winners will become scarce. But what story does a won-lost record really tell? It certainly doesn’t indicate how well a pitcher performed. Just ask Ricky Romero, who is currently 5-6 for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Dirk Nowitzki leads the Dallas MavericksIn this edition of EndScore Report, DV and Chris rain praises upon the NBA Finals, which have been vastly entertaining due to the closeness of all the games, in particular, Games Two to Four. LeBron James has disappeared of late, but Dwyane Wade has come up big. However, is there anyone more important to his team than Dirk Nowitzki who helped the Dallas Mavericks win Game Four despite the burden of being sick with over 100 degrees fever. The series is tied between the Mavs and the Miami Heat with Game Five possibly foreshadowing the eventual NBA title champion. LISTEN UP!

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David OrtizIt looks like David Ortiz still has a few swings left in that bat of his. After a few years of slow starts, Big Papi got the bat going a bit sooner this time around. The 35-year-old DH cracked his 14th home run of the season on Tuesday night, lifting his Boston Red Sox over the New York Yankees with a 6-4 win and bringing the two teams into a tie for first the American League East standings.

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Tim ThomasTalk about a “Luoooong” night for Vancouver Canucks fans. For Boston Bruins fans though, there couldn’t have been a better way to bounce back from a pair of disappointing losses in Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final. On home ice, Boston erupted for eight goals – all against Vancouver netminder Roberto Luongo – in a stunning thrashing of the visiting favorites. The pre-game itself features more storylines than any sports section could handle, and by the final whistle, about a dozen more were added to the lengthening list.

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Ryan KeslerThe Vancouver Canucks seem to have found their stride in the postseason. After winning the Presidents Trophy and being the regular season’s top-scoring team, they carried that momentum in taking the first three games against the Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1, but then stubbed their collective toe, almost blowing the series to the Hawks before winning Game 7. It took them six games to finish the Nashville Predators and five games to clinch against the San Jose Sharks, and now hold a 2-0 series lead against the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final.

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Shaquille O'Neal retires and EndScore Report says goodbye.In this edition of EndScore Report, DV and Chris bid farewell to one of the most dominating big men that ever played in the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq left an indelible mark on the Association and will be remembered as one of the more entertaining and humorous players ever. His four championships - three with the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, as well as the one with the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade - gives His Shaqness the credibility to be mentioned with greats such as Bill Russell and Hakeem Olajuwon. However, for my money, I'd take Wilt Chamberlain as the most dominating force in the middle. Anyway, give our goodbyes to Shaq a listen!

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Scottie Pippen says that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. Really, Pip?In this edition of "In Your Face," DV and Chris throw down on Scottie Pippen for his remarks last week of LeBron James being better than Michael Jordan. To paraphrase a new movie coming out, six titles is all the argument you need to say that Jordan is the best. Well, on top of everything else, like him transcending the sport of basketball like Babe Ruth for baseball. We also wag our finger at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for taking sides. Sure, he's employed by the owners, but when it comes to settling arguments between them and the players, he should at least try to be neutral to make sure there's football in the fall. LISTEN UP!

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Shaquille O'Neal retiresShaquille O'Neal, one of the most dominant big men to ever play in the NBA has called it a career, announcing his retirement via video. Shaq was a larger than life personality that transcended the world of basketball, becoming a loveable character that appeared in movies, hip hop videos, and all over the mainstream. However, he wasn't all fun and games as he led the Los Angeles Lakers, along with Kobe Bryant, to three consecutive NBA titles, as well as the Miami Heat, playing the role of second fiddle to Dwyane Wade. As a rookie, he became famous for tearing down backboards and the legend of Shaq grew exponentially. The NBA loses a magnificent player who will surely star on another stage.

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Dirk Nowitzki tries to stop a LeBron James' shotOn the last day of May, the first game of the NBA Finals begins. In this edition of EndScore Report, DV and Chris break down the series and its important players such Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Dwyane Wade, Jason Terry, and Chris Bosh. The duo make their predictions as to whom will win the NBA title and be crowned NBA champions, so LISTEN UP!

Stephen StrasburgEvery year, teams lose pitchers to the disabled list due to arm injuries. It’s inevitable. In 2010 alone, teams averaged using 20 pitchers over the course of the season. Whether it’s fatigue due to overworking, shoulder muscle tears or busted elbows that require Tommy John Surgery, pitchers continue to go down and we still have no realistic clue why it’s happening.

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