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Monday May 7, 2012 1:23 am

Damon Albarn Finds His Opera Hard to Explain

Doctor DeeDamon Albarn worries people think he has "lost it."

The Blur frontman is currently focused on his Dr. Dee project - a play and accompanying album of folk opera inspired by Elizabethan mathematician Dr. John Dee - and admit she is "nervous" about the response to the music
because it is very different to his previous work.

"It's not an easy listen and it's not an easy thing to talk about. That's what's making me really nervous at the moment. I want to be enthusiastic about it and explain, but the language you have to inevitably use to explain a record like this, in the modern idiom - especially in pop music - just looks completely mad. It looks like I've completely lost it."

However, Damon believes if people devote the time to listening to the record, they will eventually understand the project, though he doesn't feel he has adequately told the story of Dr. Dee and his life: "I think if you just listen to it a few times, you will get it. The sense of it is that the emotional flow of it woks, but I don't think necessarily it explains the life of Dr. Dee very well."



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