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Sunday November 18, 2012 11:55 am

Bjork Picky About Who Covers Her Songs

BjorkBjork will only let certain people cover her songs.

The "Mutual Core" singer chooses artists she thinks will do a fresh take on her tracks to record their own versions.

"I'm in a protected situation. I've already done my version the way I want it to be. I ask people I already like, it's not like I'm asking just anybody. I sometimes compare it to jazz standards. You hear two different versions of 'My Funny Valentine' by Billie Holiday and Miles Davis and neither of them are correct. I like the remix platform. There are invisible rules but a lot of freedom."

Bjork also said she'd like to work with dubstep star Skrillex, adding to NME, "The dubstep sounds appeals to me. I like it because it's quite prankster-like, it's trying to surprise you. I bumped into Skrillex at a festival. We did talk about maybe doing remixes, so I don't know, but sometimes after a few drinks there's a lot of talk."



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