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Monday October 20, 2008 3:27 pm

Marshall Mathers: Back in a Big Way

Eminem RelapseJust when you thought Eminem was well off the rap radar, the former superstar is in the spotlight again. His “I’m Having a Relapse” is making the rounds of the Internet, there’s talk of a possible new tour…and he’s even got a book coming out.

I know what you’re thinking - does it carry a parental warning? Can the rapper who can’t get through a ditty without dropping the “f-bomb” several times really compose a coherent literary sentence? According to early reviews, the memoir is a rather poignant look at the life of this poor kid-turned celebrity.

The book, “The Way I Am” details the childhood and growing years of Marshall Bruce Mathers III (better known as Slim Shady, Eminem and “that white guy who raps”). The 200 pages of the book are stuffed with text and never-before-publicly-seen pictures that take fans inside the hard life of this celeb.

The tome’s prologue offers some insight into where Eminem has been hiding since 2006, when the death of his best friend Deshaun Holton (rapper Proof) caused him to leave the limelight. “After he passed, it was a year before I could really do anything normally again,” the book explains. “It was tough for me to even get out of bed, and I had days when I couldn’t walk, let alone write a rhyme.”

Proof, also a Detroit denizen, helped get Slim Shady into the city’s scene.

The book actually holds back little. Eminem recounts his drug abuse problems, how he invented the character Slim Shady and even his love life. It hits shelves tomorrow, conveniently close to the time when his latest album, Relapse, will debut (which will be some time before the year 2008 is over).

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saw the new video the other day...I'm really looking forward to the album

If it goes more along the lines of his older albums then I think it will do OK. If it keeps trying to blur the lines of Hip Hop though, I think it will not do so well.

not a big fan, but it will probably be a big hit based on previous albums

..finally something offical Man can't wait for it, this is going to be great. Anyway..50 is proofed wrong once more when stating that his album is going to release in may.. I will not believe one word coming out of his mouth in the future btw..marshall stopped dyeing his hair? probably the right decision for a 35 or 36 year old guy

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