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Saturday April 12, 2014 1:20 pm

Lily Allen Describes Lady Gaga as a “Martyr”

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Lady Gaga and Lily AllenLily Allen has called Lady Gaga a "martyr" for choosing "art" over commercial success.

The "Air Balloon" hitmaker has defended her fellow singer after she was criticized for her latest album ARTPOP being a relative flop, insisting she deserves credit for the risks she has taken.

"If she's not succeeding commercially because she's standing by what she does as art, then that's a f**king great thing. That's to be commended. That's what makes a martyr. There's nothing wrong with that," she told Rolling Stone.

Lily has had similar problems with her own music, and admitted she had to choose her singles carefully to make sure they were acceptable for radio play. "I would love 'Hard Out Here' to have been a single, but you can't have a song that has the word 'bitch' in it 72 times on the radio," she explained.

The star previously admitted he own singles were "rubbish" after receiving criticism from a fan on Twitter, desribing her new music is "docile pop rubbish," adding, "So disappointing. She properly just wrote some rubbish to cash some cheques [sic]." The 28-year-old singer was quick to fire back and told the follower, "What you've heard so far yes. All i can do is do my best, the labels and the radio stations won't play the better stuff [sic]."

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