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Saturday January 4, 2014 11:34 am

Beyonce Felt Free with New Album

BeyonceBeyonce feels a "responsibility" to her fans and their children.

The singer claimed her recent self-titled album has given her the opportunity to be herself after spending 15 years focusing on how she appeared to her younger fans.

Speaking in a new YouTube video called "Honesty," she said, "Now I'm in my 30s, and those children that grew up listening to me have grown up, and I always felt like it was my responsibility to be aware of kids and their parents and all these generations. And I felt like, in a sense, I could not express everything. I've done so many things in my life, in my career, that I feel like at this point I've earned the right to be me and to express any and every side of myself."

Beyonce is a lot more personal on the new record, and it has come from that sense of freedom to write about whatever she wants without worrying about the reaction. "I don't think I would've done it, you know, back then. I don't think I would've been confident enough. I wouldn've been too afraid of what other people thought, but I kinda dropped that fourth wall and I did it," she explained.



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