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EndScore Report: In Your Face, Deon Grant and DeAngelo Hall

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Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams of the New York Giants fake injuryIn this week's edition of "In Your Face," we call out the New York Giants' Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams and the Washington Redskins DeAngelo Hall. It seems there's a lot going on in the NFC East recently and most of it has to do with being an idiot. Give this one a LISTEN and thanks for all of your support of the EndScore Report!

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NFL Preview: Atlanta Falcons

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2007 RECORD: 4-12

Overview: The Atlanta Falcons are ten seasons removed from there affectionate nick name the “Dirty Birds”.  Since that improbable run to Super Bowl XXXIII, saying the Falcons have had their ups and downs is an understatement.  The franchise’s world came to a halt before the 07-08 season began when their most valuable player and starting quarterback Michael Vick was jailed for dogfighting, leaving the team at a complete loss at that position.  On the other side of the ball, they had a lot of room for improvement. That unit allowed 414 points, highest in the division. And when it seemed that it could not get any worse their “leader,” head coach Bobby Petrino, left the team after their 13th game.  It turns out Bobby Petrino was only joking when he signed that five-year contract with Atlanta.  With all of that going off and on the field, the Falcons finished their ‘07 campaign with a 4-12 record.

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NFL Preview: Oakland Raiders

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JaMarcus Russell hopes to live up to the Oakland Raiders expectations

2007 RECORD: 4-12

Overview: Overall, the Oakland Raiders have nowhere left to go but up. The team has made significant changes in their coaching staff, player personnel, and overall style of play. The team that showcased a gun-slinging offense that was led by Rich Gannon is seemingly long gone. In his sophomore year, head coach Lane Kiffin led the Raiders to only four wins, but ended the season as the sixth-highest rushing team in the league. Things are finally looking better for what seemed to be an endless black hole.

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