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NBA Draft Lottery logoAs a fan I love participating in the sports polls by ESPN and Sports Illustrated just to see what the rest of America thinks.  I also like to compare and see if I’m on the same page with other fans across the country.  The newest poll asked which player from the last two NBA drafts would you most want to build your team around?

The choices are Andrew Bogut, Dwight Howard,  Emakor Okafor, and Chris Paul.  The reason I found this particular poll interesting was that I couldn’t make my decision for about five minutes; normally these polls make me formulate an answer instantaneously.  I could not choose from either Dwight Howard or Chris Paul.  I finally went with my initial gut and went with Chris Paul, because finding a good floor general is just too hard to find.  My debate with Howard was that, scouts and GM’s normally go for size when it comes down to two players.  Howard will end up being a rebounding machine which might also make me regret my decision.

Well, America has spoken and with over 72,000 votes it was a close race.  The winner was Dwight Howard with 36%, Chris Paul with 30%, Emeka Okafor with 23%, and Andrew Bogut coming last with 12%.


Detroit Lions logoForget all the talk about Super Bowl XL being in Detroit, let’s talk about the hometown team - the Detroit Lions.  I know you Detroit fans hate Matt Millen with a passion, so I hope to give you some optimism for next year.  Firstly, there has been a coaching change, even though some fans may say ex-coach Steve Mariucci wasn’t really the problem.  The new head coach coming in is a relative unknown. He is Rod Marinelli, a former Tampa Bay defensive line coach.  Lions also recently hired Donnie Henderson as their defensive coordinator, formerly of the New York Jets.  They also have their eye on Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator.  There has to be some excitement over the coordinator moves at the very least.  Well, those moves will only be as good as how the players perform on the field, and with that being said, they’ll most likely acquire a good player from the draft at the #9 position.  According to NFL Draft Countdown, they have Lions choosing a USC product and you can’t go wrong with those guys. Winston Justice, who played right tackle for the Trojans is one of them.  If not, USC RB Lendale White should still be on the board as well, if the Lions decide the injury prone Kevin Jones is not the answer.