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Are you a go-to person?Have you ever been the “go-to” person? The person who sits on a phone, on the computer, or in person, and listens to everyone else’s problems? You try to switch subjects and talk about yourself for once or just try to switch the subject to a completely different topic just because you are sick of hearing the same crap over and over nobody will listen. I am sure we have all been there; I know I have. I am usually the person on the other end of the phone or computer listening to someone about their relationships, and don’t get me wrong I know that is what friends are for, but when can you tell someone you’ve had enough of listening to the same thing every day or every other day?

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DivorceLately when I look around me, marriages and relationships fall apart. Whether people get married for the right reasons or the wrong, people are too quick to end their marriage when it gets too hard for them to handle because getting divorces are extremely easy.

Relationships fall apart because no one knows how to be faithful anymore nor do they know how to be committed. It’s pretty sad because any relationship I see someone has cheated or both have cheated. I know cheating may happen, but when it happens more then once, obviously you shouldn’t be with that person and should probably break up before it causes more hurt then happiness

Honestly when I look at the relationships and marriages around me, it makes me not want to ever get married or get in a relationship, but then I see how happy my parents are after being married for 35 years and altogether 40 years. They are still completely in love it makes me sick—not literally. I also look at my sister and my brother-in-law who have been together for seven years I believe they are still in love. I have hope when I look at them, but I still have a hard time trusting anyone because I have seen what goes on in my friends relationships with cheating, and honestly I am not so sure I will ever be able to trust anyone.

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HeartbrokenYou know what the worse thing anyone can ever say to you especially when you are going through heartbreak, anger, and sadness? “Everything happens for a reason.” Those are the worse words anyone can say at that moment. I know that because I hate when people would say that to me when I was sad or angry or even my heart hurting over a guy.

Many people would use those words towards me and at the time no one wants to hear it. People just need to grieve at their own pace because sometimes heartbreak takes longer then someone else’s heart to heal. The worse also is when people constantly remind you, you were never in a relationship with this person so why are you so hurt and how can you love someone. You don’t need to be in a relationship to fall in love, especially when you hang with the person constantly and get to know them on a emotional level.

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First kiss

Remember that first kiss? That first feeling you got? Not your first general kiss that didn’t mean anything, but your first kiss with someone you loved and cared about. The feelings you get from kissing are sometimes unexplainable, but that first meaningful kiss, you never want to stop.  But good things always come to an end right?

I have kissed a decent amount of people, but I have only gotten that feeling that is always shown on TV or read in fairy tales - your heart flutters and you can’t breathe because the person you are kissing takes your breath away - only one time. Kissing is an extremely important process in a growing relationship and shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is nowadays. Kissing should be taken into more consideration then sex sometimes because kissing is where it really starts.  Kissing should always mean something.

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Bad boys and good girls

I was talking to my friend the other day and the conversation we were having was why do girls always go for bad boys that treat them less then crap. I actually wish I knew the answer to that. From friends’ experience as well as my own, I have realized a lot of us girls go for the guys that don’t treat us well or just don’t want relationships in general. Whether or not we state that we don’t want a relationship and just want someone to have fun, as well as the comfort of having someone without the title, we don’t mean it.


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Can guys and girls be best friends?

Can guys and girls be just friends? That is a question I have asked myself for years, and even though I have many guy friends I still ask myself that one particular question. I ask it because anytime I hang out with a guy all the time someone expects me to be dating the guy when I’m not. I have a few very close friends that I don’t have any emotional feelings for they are just someone that is there for me, and that I can rely on whenever I need someone or something.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In these current times of economic crisis I have a suggestion for moms and dads trying to come up with new toys for your kids. Go check your parents’ attics! Yesterday, my kids and I went to visit my mom and dad. Late in the afternoon I noticed that the kids were being very quiet upstairs. When I went up to check on them I was surprised at what I found. They had gotten into an old box of my brothers’ and my toys and found tons of things to play with!  My daughter had gotten out My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and even Barbies. My son had discovered my brothers’ endless supplies of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were having a blast. The thing they were excited about was that these were the same toys they play with at home, just older versions. Sure enough, retro-toys are back in style. Thanks Mattel, Hasbro, and whoever else thought to bring back the toys from the 80s. Even though my daughter couldn’t understand why Barbie was wearing leg warmers (hey they were cool in 1986) and the lead paint was chipping off Optimus Prime, they had hours of fun.


Hello beautiful (yes, yes on the inside too!) Girl Snark readers. Today, I will share with you a listicle of some of the worst break-ups I had.

This top secret list consists of five carefully selected individual incidents, out of umm… say twenty-four. Twenty-four, you say? Yes, that’s quite a lot. But that also makes me an expert. I am doing this so those of you who are on a “self-pity he-left-me-my-life-is-over” crying binge right now can see the silver lining, which is probably not the worst break-up in the world. Look at Mia! She’s experienced this a gazillion times and she’s still alive and kickin’! Yes my friends, I am still alive and very much kickin’. Cue that Destiny’s Child “Survivor” song.

Let’s go!

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Forget it, ladies! Find a man who already has the qualities you are looking for. Now, I am not saying that if you are both young and he is still getting an education and will be moving up in his career that you should not be with him. I am talking about situations like he is forty and still living with his parents or has room mates and smokes pot all day; when he’s still trying at fifty to get that record deal while he expects you to support him, well, you get the idea. If you are fine with those scenarios or something similar, then that is alright, but if not, move on to someone who already has something going on. Don’t think that with your encouragement or advice that he will change into what you want him to be. So many women are so eager to fall in love and get married that they give a guy credit for qualities that he doesn’t have and won’t ever develop. Don’t fall for a guy until you know all that you need to about him. You want a man with good character and the qualities that are important to you now, not possibly one day.

Don’t commit to or marry a guy if:

* He is jealous and it has been an issue in his past relationships.
* He abuses drugs or alcohol. An addict will always give priority to his addiction. You cannot save him or change that; the desire to change has to come from within him.
* He is gay and you think that you can change him.
* He tries to isolate you and makes you give up your friends and activities that you enjoy.
* He makes fun of you or tells you that you are stupid.

Uplifting jasmine

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Jasmine_flowers_190605_kpjasI have never been a huge fan of flowery scents.  While I love the smell of roses and lilacs outside, the artificial scent of rose or lilac candles, air fresheners or perfumes tends to make me gag.  Ditto for jasmine, I scent I use to detest, until I realized there was a HUGE difference in the smell of artificial jasmine and jasmine essence oil.

When a friend gave me a jasmine scented all natural soap for Christmas, I smiled, said thanks and then shoved the soap in a drawer when I got home.  About a month ago I stumbled upon the soap and, feeling guilty, unwrapped it.  Once I took one whiff of the jasmine essence oil that was used in the making of the soap, I was hooked.

Yes, jasmine is a strong, sometimes heady scent, but in the essential oil form, it is light and uplifting.  In fact, there are many benefits to jasmine essence oil, some that may surprise you.

Oh, my nerves!
Jasmine is a natural nerve relaxant.  No, one sniff of jasmine will not make you fall on your face with no control over your body; rather, if you tend to be a nervous person, jasmine can help relax you, making you less stressed and anxious.  On the flip side, it increases moods of happiness and joy.  Just think of it as a natural anti depressant.

No pain sounds good to me
Jasmine is excellent at relieving menstrual cramps and also in helping with labor.  A nice belly message will do just the trick.

Yeah, baby!
Did you know jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac?  Well, you do now!  The “king of oils” is great for increasing sexual drive, helping with impotence and just making a person want to do it.

Jasmine has become one of my favorite essential oils to use in body lotions, soap and massage oils.  Now, if you’ll excuse, I must go light a jasmine candle or two:  hubby should be home any time now.