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Wednesday July 28, 2010 8:50 pm

Everything Happens for a Reason…

Posted by Ashley Drapkin Categories: Advice, Relationships, Sex,

HeartbrokenYou know what the worse thing anyone can ever say to you especially when you are going through heartbreak, anger, and sadness? “Everything happens for a reason.” Those are the worse words anyone can say at that moment. I know that because I hate when people would say that to me when I was sad or angry or even my heart hurting over a guy.

Many people would use those words towards me and at the time no one wants to hear it. People just need to grieve at their own pace because sometimes heartbreak takes longer then someone else’s heart to heal. The worse also is when people constantly remind you, you were never in a relationship with this person so why are you so hurt and how can you love someone. You don’t need to be in a relationship to fall in love, especially when you hang with the person constantly and get to know them on a emotional level.

I don’t think that you need to be official with a person to fall in love. If you get to know someone on such a deep level and they get to know you, you let your guard down as well as they do. You tell them things that you never thought you could tell anyone as well as they tell you things they would never tell people. Also, if you are intimate with them, that brings you to a deeper level because intimacy is something you don’t share with anyone. Intimacy doesn’t have to pertain to sex—it can be anything that’s intimate, such as getting close with someone on a deeper level then anyone you have ever been with or are friends with.

There have been quite a few times that someone I know has always reminded me that I have never been in a real relationship, well I don’t need to be reminded about that, BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced what people in a relationship have. I have experienced someone caring for me. I have experienced someone there for me anytime I needed them. The only thing I haven’t experienced yet is someone loving me back. I have loved, but I have never been in something that they love me back or maybe they love me but aren’t in love with me, but that’s fine because that means I am just one step closer to finding love, and will eventually experience EVERYTHING someone in a relationship does.

So getting back to that quote Everything happens for a reason yes I completely believe that, but no one wants to hear that especially when they are falling to pieces over someone. We realize later on that it did happen for a reason because everything you go through brings you to what you are at the time. I have gained so much strength from what I’ve been through, but I have also lost so much trust, but not in just guys friends as well.

Sometimes I think the guys we go for have a lot to do with the friends we pick. Make sense? Probably not, but I think its completely true and I think if you look around and see who your friends are and then see the guys you go for you will see that it has A LOT to do with it.

Basically everything I have been through has made me stronger, but I do have a guard up now. I only trust a select few people other then my family. But I can only count on one hand, but I guess I rather that then have a bunch of fake people in my life.

What everyone needs to understand is that people need to heal and get through things and even when you tell your friends you need to be done with this guy or this girl it won’t click to them until that moment comes and they are like yep i do deserve better.

Anyone that has ever used the line “Everything happens for a reason” next time you use it use it wisely because heartbroken people and people with trust issues do NOT want to hear it!



i really admire that post because i also believe that everything happens fora reason we just need to b focused and keep our eyes open to it…


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