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Monday July 26, 2010 7:45 am

The importance of the first kiss

First kiss

Remember that first kiss? That first feeling you got? Not your first general kiss that didn’t mean anything, but your first kiss with someone you loved and cared about. The feelings you get from kissing are sometimes unexplainable, but that first meaningful kiss, you never want to stop.  But good things always come to an end right?

I have kissed a decent amount of people, but I have only gotten that feeling that is always shown on TV or read in fairy tales - your heart flutters and you can’t breathe because the person you are kissing takes your breath away - only one time. Kissing is an extremely important process in a growing relationship and shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is nowadays. Kissing should be taken into more consideration then sex sometimes because kissing is where it really starts.  Kissing should always mean something.

Now what exactly are you supposed to do if you kiss someone you’ve been dating or talking to and you feel nothing? Well there isn’t much you can do, but break it off. Most of the time if the first kiss means nothing and you feel absolutely nothing, you aren’t going to feel anything the next time you kiss or the next time after that. Breaking it off is a lot easier then dragging something on because when there is no chemistry there is no chemistry.

Everyone has faced a bad kiss before I’m sure. Either too sloppy or the person just isn’t good at it. There isn’t much you can do if the kissing is bad.  You can try to kiss the guy or girl again, but that doesn’t mean the kiss will ever get better, especially if the person isn’t a good kisser [to you]. I don’t think anyone is actually a bad kisser, but everyone has their preferences and if it isn’t for you then it isn’t for you.

Kissing is such an important aspect in a relationship, hooking up, or dating and it is also one of my favorite things. I much rather kiss sometimes then do anything else especially when its with someone I care about immensely.

To this day I think if I was to kiss the one guy that gave me all those feelings of nervousness, butterflies running around in my stomach, and happiness, I probably would still feel it because there was just so much chemistry between us that it will probably never leave. Even when I move on completely I will still remember those feelings he gave me, and that was just from a kiss.

The good thing about kissing is there is always a first kiss because you experience something new with each person you kiss, whether the feeling is love and nervousness or if you don’t feel anything at all. Every time you kiss someone it’s a whole new experience, but eventually you will find that one person that gives you all those feelings plus more every single time your lips lock.

Anyone ever experience an awful or great kiss before? Tell me about it!



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