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Monday July 19, 2010 9:17 am

Why Do Girls Go for the Bad Boys?

Bad boys and good girls

I was talking to my friend the other day and the conversation we were having was why do girls always go for bad boys that treat them less then crap. I actually wish I knew the answer to that. From friends’ experience as well as my own, I have realized a lot of us girls go for the guys that don’t treat us well or just don’t want relationships in general. Whether or not we state that we don’t want a relationship and just want someone to have fun, as well as the comfort of having someone without the title, we don’t mean it.


Girls are too emotional to do “friends with benefits” or just hook up. Any girl that says that is all they want are lying. Sometimes we believe our own lie thinking we can do this whole “friends with benefit thing,” but it never works out in the end. Someone always gets hurt and most of the time it’s the girl. The guys I have seen my friends go for most the time treat them like such crap that I don’t understand why they are going for them When I ask them, they don’t really know either.

I admit that I don’t always go for the best guys. I go for the guys that just want something whether it be money or a ride. There are a lot of guys out there, especially in this generation, that just don’t want relationships because they want to go out and have fun. Obviously going out and having fun can work as long as it doesn’t turn into something with emotions. Any time I try to do something without the label I end up getting hurt in the end and it isn’t a pretty sight. I end up heartbroken and not sure what I want to do with myself, and because it takes so long to get over a guy for me, I just end up keeping to myself.

Any guy-friend I have ever had has told me I deserve better and I need to recognize the guys I go for, so I don’t go for the same guys over and over. However, as sane as that advice is, I continuously do and I have no clue how. I go for the typical bad boy, but the last guy I actually went for I thought was different. He just didn’t want a relationship and in the end, I got hurt and heartbroken, and still don’t even know why it ended because we just stopped talking out of nowhere.

I really wish I knew the answer as to why girls go for guys that don’t treat us well. Maybe it is because we always want something we can’t have or it’s because we feel like we deserve these kinds of guys. Is there an answer to this question regarding good girls and bad boys? I do know that girls need to go for guys better for them and stop settling for less because in the end the bad boy isn’t going to make you happy.

Tell me if you know anyone that has ever been in this situation or if you yourself has been in a situation like this. Why do you think girls put themselves in this trap?



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