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Raising the Bar’s Gosselaar on the Overdue Haircut

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Raising the Bar's Mark-Paul GosselaarRaising the Bar's Mark-Paul Gosselaar

If there’s one thing Mark-Paul Gosselaar should have realized from his years playing Zack Morris, it’s this: The hair makes the man. Unfortunately, it took a whole season of Raising the Bar before that lesson was learned.

In an interview with TV Guide, the 35-year-old explained the reasoning behind his public defender’s distracting stringy look. “It defined a characteristic of Jerry [Kellerman], that he’s not going to conform to a system. But this year, we had to evolve Jerry. He had to mature, he had to become more tactful. So we cut his hair. It’s down with a story in mind also with a client that he’s working with.”

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TV on DVD: June 2, 2009

Weeds Season 4 DVDHere are some of the options available this Tuesday.

  • Army Wives (Season 2)
  • Cannon (Season 2, Vol. 1)
  • The Hunger (Season 1)
  • The Jetsons (Season 2, Vol. 1)
  • Prison Break (Season 4)
  • Raising the Bar (Season 1)
  • Quincy M.E. (Season 3)
  • Rugrats (Seasons 1&2)
  • Thrilla in Manilla
  • Weeds (Season 4)
  • Zeroman (Complete Series)

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TV Extensions, Renewals and Cancellations (4/16)

Trust Me

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Trust Me (TNT)


  • Crime 360 (A&E) - Season 2
  • Eastbound & Down (HBO) - Season 2
  • Hotel Babylon (BBC America) - Season 3
  • Intervention (A&E) - Season 7
  • The Tudors (Showtime) - Season 4 **This will also be the final season**
  • Z Rock (IFC) - Season 2

(To get a look at TV Envy’s Midseason Programming Schedule, click here.)

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TV on DVD: February 24, 2009

Here are some of the options available this Tuesday.

Breaking Bad Season 1 DVD

  • Breaking Bad (Season 1)
  • Canterbury’s Law (Complete Series)
  • Cities of the Underworld (Season 2)
  • Dirty Jobs (Collection 4)
  • Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • Girlfriends (Season 6)
  • Just Shoot Me! (Season 3)
  • The Lair (Season 2)
  • The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
  • My Wife & Kids (Season 1)
  • Samurai 7 (Complete Series)
  • Summer Heights High

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TV Extensions, Renewals and Cancellations (2/9)

Clone Wars

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Ax Men (History) - Season 2
  • Big Love (HBO) - Season 4
  • Can You Duet (CMT) - Season 2
  • Charm School (VH1) - Season 3
  • Leverage (TNT) - Season 2
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family) - Season 2
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network) - Season 2

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This Week on TV (1/19-1/25)


(You can view TV Envy’s Midseason Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY 1/19)
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Ricky’s dad arrives in town with a proposal for how Ricky should handle impending fatherhood.” Apparently leaving town is an option?
  • House (FOX, 8pm):  “Cuddy discovers that caring for her newly adopted baby leaves her little time to run the hospital.” Taking care of House and a baby is an impossible feat.
  • Bromance (MTV, 9pm):  “The guys embark on a camping trip, but before reaching their destination, they stop at a biker bar where each must face off against a huge biker in the parking lot.” The reality is, many people want to kick ‘s ass. It’s time to hone their defense skills now.
  • Paranormal State (A&E, 10pm):  Season premiere. “A family believes their new home in suburban New Jersey is haunted. The team’s investigation leads them to dig in the yard for possible answers.” Haunting or no haunting, buried things in my yard is reason enough to move.

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This Week on TV (12/1-12/7)

Barbara Walters and Tom Cruise

(You can view TV Envy’s Master Programming Schedule here.)

MONDAY 12/1)
  • Shrek the Halls (ABC, 8pm): Hopefully this Mike Myers laugher will help us all forget The Love Guru.
  • Inside the Actor’s Studio (Bravo, 8pm):  “Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter film franchise, charts his career journey.” I’m not sure I want to see James Lipton enthusiastically talking about Radcliffe’s nude Broadway performance.
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  “Ando, Sam and Frack try to restore Hiro’s memory with a comic book.” Any person trying to follow this series should be given an instruction manual.
  • Boston Legal (ABC, 10pm):  “When Denny receives bad news about the state of his Alzheimer’s, Alan goes before the Massachusetts Supreme Court to plead for access to an experimental drug that can help his condition.” Alzheimers? Maybe Shatner simply forgot why George Takei dislikes him so.

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This Week on TV (9/1-9/7)

Raising the Bar

(You can view TV Envy’s Fall Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (9/1)

Labor Day Marathons: The Closer (TNT), Beverly Hills, 90210 (SOAPnet), Scrubs (TV Land), Dirty Jobs (Discovery), My Wife and Kids (ABC Family), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Sci Fi), House of Payne (TBS), CSI (Spike TV), Anthony Bourdain (Travel), That ‘70s Show (FX)

  • Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm):  Season 2 premiere. “Summer in the Hamptons winds down as Serena and Nate carry on a cover-up scheme to make others think they’re dating.” A few choice pics sent to Gossip Girl should do the trick.
  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  Season 4 premiere. “Michael is in LA looking to even the score with Gretchen for Sara’s death.” I think Gretchen should really apologize for all of last season.
  • One Tree Hill (CW, 9pm):  Season 6 premiere. “Lucas’ chosen lady meets him at the airport, while Dan’s accident proves life-threatening.” Sorry. So not caring who picks these days.
  • Raising the Bar (TNT, 10pm):  Series premiere. “Idealistic public defender Jerry Kellerman (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) fights for a man he’s sure is innocent, but holding a court is a judge who loathes Kellerman.” Gosselaar’s new hair has been generating some passionate opinions.

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This Week on TV (7/14-7/20)

Saving Grace

(You can view TV Envy’s Summer Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (7/14)
  • Top Gear (BBC, 8pm):  Season premiere. “A game of car soccer is played.” No wonder kids are too fat these days. They can’t even get out of their car to actually kick a ball!
  • American Gladiators (NBC, 8pm):  “In the ladies tilt, a student tries to make the grade against a future figure skater.” As we’ve learned from , figure skaters come with an unfair advantage.
  • The Closer (TNT, 9pm): Season 4 premiere. “Fritz and Brenda’s new duplex forbids the presence of pets, but that doesn’t stop Brenda from keeping Kitty on the premises.” If Kitty is the pet, what’s Fritz?
  • Saving Grace (TNT, 10pm):  Season 2 premiere. “Grace gets busy on her day off: She works to unlock the secrets of her her haunted past, but instead ends up apprehending a criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.” And I’ll bet she doesn’t get paid for doing all that work on her own time.

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2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Screen Actors Guild AwardsThanks to the cancelation of the Golden Globes ceremony, the hottest ticket in town was tonight’s .  Without a picket line to cross, celebrities from TV and Film were allowed to celebrate - and commiserate - together for the first time in a long while.

For star-deprived fans, the SAG red carpet was also a treat for sore eyes.  What were our favorite actresses wearing?  What were the latest trends?  Which dresses were going to be copied by Allen Schwartz tomorrow?

Unfortunately, the evening was not all about partying.  The recent deaths of and Heath Ledger cast a somber tone on what would normally be a festive occasion.  Thankfully, tonight was not about dissecting their lives, but merely about honoring them.

Meanwhile, the neglected winners of this month’s Globes were also hoping to get a share of the honors.  If they were able to pull off another victory tonight, maybe they would have a chance to give the speech they already had written.

Well, without further ado, here’s the play-by-play of tonight’s events coming to you from the fashionably late West Coast!

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