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Sunday January 27, 2008 8:27 pm

2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Screen Actors Guild AwardsThanks to the cancelation of the Golden Globes ceremony, the hottest ticket in town was tonight’s .  Without a picket line to cross, celebrities from TV and Film were allowed to celebrate - and commiserate - together for the first time in a long while.

For star-deprived fans, the SAG red carpet was also a treat for sore eyes.  What were our favorite actresses wearing?  What were the latest trends?  Which dresses were going to be copied by Allen Schwartz tomorrow?

Unfortunately, the evening was not all about partying.  The recent deaths of and Heath Ledger cast a somber tone on what would normally be a festive occasion.  Thankfully, tonight was not about dissecting their lives, but merely about honoring them.

Meanwhile, the neglected winners of this month’s Globes were also hoping to get a share of the honors.  If they were able to pull off another victory tonight, maybe they would have a chance to give the speech they already had written.

Well, without further ado, here’s the play-by-play of tonight’s events coming to you from the fashionably late West Coast!

5:48 pm:  (Grey’s Anatomy) looks absolutely fabulous with her gold dress and snazzy -esque hair.

5:53 pm:  - who looks stunning in her white frock - graciously treats us to a small snippet of her ‘Milkshake’ performance from .

6:22 pm:  (Grey’s) looks elegant in her strapless fuschia gown.  She reveals that just recently threw a karaoke birthday party for co-star .

6:24 pm:  I’m seriously wondering how (Ugly Betty) will move - let alone go to the bathroom - with that tight black dress on.

6:31 pm:  (Extras) admits that he doesn’t like getting ‘pushed around’ on crowded red carpets.  Later, awkwardly asks whether it bothers him that is more famous.

6:36 pm:  (SAG President) reveals that and just received awards for Outstanding Stunt Ensemble Performance.

6:41 pm:  (30 Rock) - who looks adorable in her short black dress - says she’s happy to be out of the house for the first time in 11 weeks.

6:54 pm:  (Desperate Housewives)


has a slightly uncomfortable moment when she admits that her ex-husband (, The Closer) is also at the same event for a different award.

6:57 pm:  Seriously hating (30 Rock) dress.  Apparently she was busy with Arts & Crafts during her time off.

7:01 pm:  Just caught a glimpse of (Eastern Promises) red vest on black shirt look.  I want to like it, but I can’t.

7:03 pm:  (Grey’s) and his wife, , are disgustingly cute together.  Truly sickening.

7:10 pm:  (No Country) proves that a good hairstyle - and an open collar -  is all you need to go from scary to sexy.

7:15 pm:  looks refreshing in her bright yellow gown.  Sadly, I’m not quite sure why she’s there to begin with.

7:17 pm:  (The Office) has pulled a and grown a full beard.  He says he wants to hang out with the cast of .

7:22 pm:  and just hit the carpet.  Her extremely full dress leads me to believe that rumors of another pregnancy (twins!) are true.

7:27 pm:  (Ugly Betty) is absolutely beautiful in her Monique Lhuillier dress.  Unfortunately has its cameras focused on Brangelina.

7:35 pm:  Pregnant (Elizabeth) looks surprisingly drab in her strapless dress.  The material looks like it was ripped from a duvet cover.

7:41 pm:  (Lars and the Real Girl) and his sister both wear black ribbons in honor of Heath Ledger.

7:44 pm:  (The Closer) is a definite standout in her electric blue dress.  That’s someone who just gets cuter with age.

7:54 pm:  struggles to get any enthusiasm out of (Assassination of Jesse James).

8:03 pm:  (For One More Day) looks fabulous.  Fabulous.  She rivals most of the young things we’ve seen already today.

8:04 pm:  (Ugly Betty) could take a few fashion tips from the above Burstyn.

8:05 pm:  and present the award for Outstanding Male Actor (Drama Series) to .  I’m sad that doesn’t get a chance to experience his win, but will be gone next year.

8:10 pm:  Next up: Outstanding Female Actor (Drama Series) win over officially sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

8:20 pm:  The award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance (Drama Series) goes to the cast of .  This show is only 20 minutes, yet I’m already bored.  Hopefully the film categories will be a bit less predictable.

8:27 pm:  For a second there, I thought (La Vie En Rose) was .  She hands the Outstanding Supporting Male Actor (Film Drama) statue to (No Country for Old Men).  I now wonder if all Spanish actors look best tie-less.

8:36 pm: The ‘actor’ for Outstanding Female Actor (Comedy Series) goes to .  Now she finally gets to dust off her Golden Globe speech!

8:39 pm: An absent wins for Outstanding Male Actor (Comedy Series).  I was half-expecting Steve Carell to run up there to steal another award.

8:44 pm:  The cast of wins for Outstanding Ensemble Performance (Comedy Series).  God, I miss them.

8:56 pm  (Rescue Me) is given this year’s Life Achievement Award.  What a fascinating history he had!  Ballroom dancer?  Who knew?  (BTW - the special plaque he received looks like something from The Man in the Iron Mask.)

9:17 pm:  The award for Outstanding Male Actor (TV Movie or Miniseries) goes to an absent (As You Like It).

9:20 pm:  I hate to say it, but I had no idea that was still alive.  The 87-year-old presents the award for Outstanding Female Actor (TV Movie or Miniseries) to (Life Support).  She is also unavailable to accept the prize.

9:26 pm:  (No Country) has the (unfortunate) honor of leading into the Farewells segment.  Wow.  We lost so many this year.

9:36 pm:  Viggo Mortensen looks like he’s shooting a Western.  At least I hope he is.  He hands the Outstanding Supporting Female Actor (Film Drama) award to (American Gangster).  What??  (Gone Baby Gone) was robbed.

9:49 pm:  The award for Outstanding Male Actor (Film) goes to (There Will Be Blood).  It’s so weird to see him speaking when not in character.  I guess that’s why he deserved to win.  He again was classy enough to mention Heath’s name and dedicates his award to him.  Wow.

9:54 pm:  The Outstanding Female Actor (Film) prize goes to (Away From Her).  I beg people to watch this film.  Her performance was heartbreaking.

10:00 pm:  gives the Outstanding Ensemble Performance (Film) award to the cast of .



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