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Tuesday October 5, 2010 10:02 am

Hellcats Stars Speak Out Again Teen Violence

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The stars of - Alyson Michalka (Marti Perkins), Ashley Tisdale (Savannah Monroe), Robbie Jones (Lewis Flynn) and Matt Barr (Dan Patch) - made the above video to speak out against youth violence and to send a very personal message to one of its victims.

Tyler Wilson, 11, joined an Ohio cheerleading program because he thinks the skill will help him get to college…but some of his peers didn’t think it was such a good idea. Wilson endured lots of teasing at the hands of his school mates, but one day it all became much more sinister. Wilson was allegedly attacked after school, physically lifted by another student and thrown on the ground.

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The encounter broke Tyler’s arm, but not his spirit. In a recent interview with ABC News, he said he plants to “keep going” with cheerleading in spite of the arm, the teasing…and we guess anyone else who tries to get in his way.

The stars of the new CW show delivered a heartfelt message to Tyler and to children like him everywhere, encouraging kids to be themselves. At the end of the message, they made a special offer to Wilson himself.

Watch the whole video to see the touching moment.



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