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Funny how some things work out. Chris Medina, the American Idol contestant who grabbed so much attention from viewers (and Jennifer Lopez, who broke down when she eliminated him from the show), is a bona fide recording artist.

He doesn’t have to wait around for some reality competition to finish. The day following his televised elimination from the show, Medina debuted a brand-new single on iTunes, “What Are Words,” which you can hear in the video above. The entire song is based on the gut-wrenching, heart-twisting story Medina shared with the Idol judges at his first audition for the show.

Medina’s production company is 19 Recordings. But… wait! Isn’t 19 Recordings the same company that produces all the American Idols? Now, you’re catching on.

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Listen to Britney Spears singing "'Til the World Ends," the song Ke$ha co-wrote for her, in the video above. Ke$ha wrote the song after “imagining her and any female musician touring the world.”

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Glee: The Music, Vol. 5

Sony has confirmed the plot we almost didn’t dare believe: Glee will give us some original songs. Two new numbers (hopefully better than Rachel’s recent headband anthem) will be released on March 8. The songs will be included on the upcoming Glee: The Music, Volume 5 album, and we’ve got the song list. Follow the jump, and you’ll have it too. . .

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The Glee Christmas album won’t be in stores until November 16, but here’s a little taste of the holidays you can enjoy right now.

In an effort to promote the new album, Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, a new holiday card featuring the main cast members in horrible sweaters has been released … and we can vouch for the fact that it makes a great desktop wallpaper. Every single expression is different, and you can practically tell a story with Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester sneer.

Glee’s holiday-themed episode will air on December 7 ... but we can’t promise you’ll get to see the sweaters.

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Listen to the clip above to hear a small sampling of tunes from Mariah Carey’s new holiday album.

Four original songs, a smattering of holiday classics and an "extra festive" version of “All I Want For Christmas is You” will be included on the album.

Carey’s Merry Christmas II You will be available in stores November 2.

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In the audio clip above, you’ll hear the cast of Glee performing “Time Warp,” which will be featured on the Rocky Horror-inspired Halloween episode of the series.

Rather than wait for October 26, why not hear some of the songs now? Entertainment Weekly has put up a gallery of tunes from the episode, including “Time Warp” and “Dammit, Janet” -- two of the movie’s better-known tracks.

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Soundgarden is releasing their first album in 13 years … through popular video game Guitar Hero. The bold move hasn’t been tried by any other band, but thinks it’s the perfect way to re-introduce their music.

“It’s going to reach a certain amount of younger people that either may or may not know about ,” he explained in a recent interview. “I feel like releasing it this way is going to reach a lot of people who have not heard our music or have not heard a lot of it.”

The album, Telephantasm, is filled with popular tracks from the band’s 90s-era heyday as well as some new tracks. It’s available on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Based on the number of games sold, the album has already been granted platinum status.

“I thought about doing this ever since I’ve heard about the game and what it is,” Cornell said. “I think the musical arrangements lend itself so well to what the video game is.”

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Matthew Morrison, GleeMatthew Morrison, better known to Glee fans as Mr. Schue, will have his own solo album on the shelves this winter.

Mercury has given the CD a February 2011 release date, despite the fact that Morrison isn’t totally finished with it.

“I’m about three-quarters of the way done with the album,” he recently told reporters. “It’s full-time right now. I’m trying to do it on the weekends.”

For now, fans will have to enjoy Matthew’s singing on his hit show. The FOX series will return for Season 2 on September 21.

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American Idol 8 winner has been hard at work in the studio - here’s the proof! The song, “Live Like We’re Dying” has hit YouTube. Is it destined for success? Listen and be the judge.

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Michael JacksonA song planned to perform during his summer tour had been put away following the King of Pop’s death. But after a little re-mastering, orchestral additions and other tweaks, the recorded track has now been deemed good enough for a public listen.

You know what that means. A new Jackson single will soon be on the radio and in stores near you, likely to be released as part of the promotional campaign.

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