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Next Iron Chef Competition Turns Up the Heat

To be called an Iron Chef is to be a celebrated, world-class chef whose cuisine often reigns supreme - and it’s an honor many professional chefs would love to add to their credentials. Thanks to the magic of reality TV, one chef will soon claim the title as their own - but nine of the current contestants have got real reason to think they just aren’t up to par.

Ming Tsai, well-known as a television personality for his Emmy-winning East Meets West cooking show, is already a pro chef of the highest caliber … and he’s already taking The Next Iron Chef competition by storm. In the third-season opener, Tsai (who currently has a PBS cooking show named Simply Ming) took top honors in the Ingenuity challenge, where competitors were forced to cook with the one ingredient they said they would want to have if marooned on a deserted island.

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This Week on TV (9/27-10/3)

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MONDAY (9/27)
  • House (FOX, 8 p.m.):  “House and Cuddy confront the workplace ramifications of their relationship.” If the show tanks after this pairing, it’s all on them.
  • Hoarders (A&E, 10 p.m.):  “A teacher takes her hoarding lifestyle into the classroom.” Some call that hoarding, others call that an oversized class.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10 p.m.):  “To retrieve her kidnapped son, Nancy has a showdown with Cesar in a Skee-Ball museum.” The one with the most Chuck E. Cheese tickets in the end wins.

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TV Extensions, Renewals and Cancellations (8/28)

Covert Affairs

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (CMT)
  • Covert Affairs (USA) - Season 2
  • Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) - Season 10
  • The Next Iron Chef (Food) - Season 3

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Food Network’s Next Big Reality Twist

Imagine how delighted seven seasons’ worth of contestants would be if Simon Cowell stepped onto the Idol stage to sing - and, subsequently, be judged. On Season 2 of Food Network’s , a hard-to-please judge will most certainly be on the set…but not to offer her critique.

Starting Sunday, Chopped‘s Amanda Freitag will be stepping out from behind the big table to stand under the harsh glare of criticism herself. Freitag is bucking to be The Next Iron Chef, the second the series has picked through reality TV competition. to win the honor; he has gone on to enjoy a 7-2-1 winning record in Kitchen Stadium.

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This Week on TV (9/28-10/4)

Kelsey Grammer in Hank

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MONDAY (9/28)

Season premieres: County Jail, Lie to Me, Trauma

  • Trauma (NBC, 9pm):  “A medical drama focusing on the first-responder paramedics at a San Francisco hospital and the extreme dangers they face to save lives.” It’s like a “very special episode” of ...every…week.
  • Unwrapped (FOOD, 9pm):  “The making of bacon ice cream at Delaware s Woodside Farm Creamery.” Hot bacon sundaes can be topped off with bacon bits and/or bacon grease.
  • CSI: Miami (CBS, 10pm):  “The lab is attacked and new CSI Jesse Cardoza is taken hostage along with four other people.” Unfortunately, the newbie wasn’t eligible for his hostage compensation benefits yet.

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New ‘Iron Chef’ Joins Cooking Ranks

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Michael SymonIt all started with an article in the New York Post. First, they reported that and darling Mario Batali (of Molto Mario fame) was being kicked off the network, stripped of his Iron Chef rank and forced to watch as none of his shows were renewed for another season. Next, they reported that Batali would still be seen on the network from time to time, perhaps. Now, Batali has teamed with none other than Gwyneth Paltrow (how did that happen?) to host a new cooking show for American Public TV.

Batali’s departure left a hole in Food Network’s , sparking an eight-episode search for the . Sunday night, under the watchful eye of the remaining Iron Chefs (, Cat Cora and – my favorite) and the chairman, chefs John Besh and Michael Symon competed under the klieg lights of Kitchen Stadium. The mission? Make five course in 60 minutes. The secret ingredient? Swordfish.

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