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This Week on TV (7/6-7/12)

Entourage cast

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MONDAY (7/6)
  • Make it or Break It (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Trying to unwind, Payson, Emily and Kaylie head to a high-school party, but the evening isn’t as fun as they thought it would be.” They were lead to believe that ‘keg stands’ were an entirely different thing.”
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Jillian and her final four head to Spain for flamenco in Madrid and a picnic in Seville.” Their plans are interrupted when asks her to fly away from the weekend.
  • Here Comes the Newlyweds (ABC, 10pm):  “The three remaining couples gaze into their futures by speculating on their 10th anniversaries.” Reality show pairs should only focus on making it to next year.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  “Silas and Doug are off to see ‘The Wizard,’ a marijuana provider whom they need to supply cannabis for their dispensary.” This wizard can help fly people home, or wherever else they’d like to ‘travel’ to.

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This Week on TV (6/15-6/21)


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MONDAY (6/15)
  • Greek (ABC Family, 8pm):  Season finale. “Casey struggles with conflicting feelings she has for Max and Cappie.” Given how nauseating “Casey and Cappie” sounds, I’d think the obvious choice would be Max.
  • The Closer (TNT, 9pm):  “Brenda snoops into the abduction of a greedy financier being investigated for investment fraud, but she soon suspects that he may have staged the kidnapping.” Later, it’s discovered the investor was less than six degrees way from Kevin Bacon.
  • Raising the Bar (TNT, 10pm):  “Michelle then falls for a sightly cop who may be committing perjury.” So much for making him swear on the Bible before the first date.
  • Here Comes the Newlyweds (ABC, 10pm):  “The husbands try to guess what their wives think are their shortcomings when it comes to intimacy.” It’s not that they don’t already know—it’s just that they forgot.

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Monday Ratings: ABC Wilts Next to CBS Repeats

Reality hit ABC’s reality programs yesterday evening. Without the help of Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelorette was just another dating show. CBS’ repeat-filled lineup was actually the victor in both the viewers and the demos last night.

Here Comes the Newlyweds' Andrea and Matt8pm

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2009 Summer Television Schedule

America's Got Talent

Okay - so most of our favorite shows are gone now. But that doesn’t mean our summer has to completely suck.

Never got a chance to watch during the regular season? Here’s your chance to catch up! Like to see people embarrass themselves? Then might be the perfect summer treat! Missing both American Idol and Dancing with the Stars? Then is just the ticket for you!

Hopefully our detailed guide can assist you in the weeks to come.  We have compiled information from the five major networks and included the days, times and premiere dates for this season’s programs.

(NOTE: This schedule has been updated as of August 19. Don’t be surprised to see changes in the weeks to come.)

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Shows Planning a Return in 2009

Kathy Griffin

While it’s probably be safe to assume that Fringe and 90210 would both be handed 2009 renewal notices - especially since they’ve already been given full season orders - this television season is still far too young.

Here is, though, what we do know already about next year’s programming calendar:

  • Big Brother (CBS) - Season 11
  • Entourage (HBO) - Season 6
  • Flashpoint (CBS) - Season 2
  • Here Come the Newlyweds (ABC) - Season 2
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo) - Season 5
  • My Boys (TBS) - Season 3
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Season 2
  • True Blood (HBO) - Season 2

Sunday Ratings:  Tight Contest Between CBS, ABC

Thanks to a basketball overrun earlier in the evening, CBS was able to place first last night with the viewers.  However, ABC still put up a good fight and came away with the demos.

Unhitched, Rashida Jones

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This Week on TV (3/17-3/23)

How I Met Your Mother

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MONDAY (3/17)
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC, 8pm):  Tonight’s Season 6 premiere focuses only on the men.  I think it’s safe to say Julianne Hough won’t be making it a three-peat with .
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8pm):  New episode.  “Sheldon and Leonard are asked to a physics conference to present their work together.”  I’ve always wondered - if this show were to air on any other day, would it be half as successful?
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:30):  New episode.  “Ted decides to live life like Barney on St. Patrick’s Day.”  You don’t want to know what they use as their lucky charms.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9pm):  New episode.  “Charlie teaches Alan how to break up with a woman.”  I hear hiring prostitutes can make a woman leave you.
  • The Bachelor (ABC, 9:30):  Season 12 premiere.  “Bachelor Matt Grant, a 27-year-old British financier, meets his 25 would-be soul mates.”  Apparently in America, you can finally afford to woo twice as many women as you can in the UK.

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Sunday Ratings: ABC Wins Despite Lower Numbers

Fans of Oprah were feeling slightly less charitable this week.  Although her show was still a hit in its hour, the program took a bit hit as well.

King of the Hill

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Sunday Ratings: Oprah Gives Big Numbers to ABC

ABC hit the ratings jackpot last night thanks to Miss O.  The Disney-owned network was victorious from 8-11pm.

Oprah's Big Give

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Reality Renewals: Dancing with the Stars, Extreme Makeover, Supernanny

Extreme Makeover, Ty PenningtonJust a few weeks ago, ABC released its first list of renewals for the 2008-09 fall programming season.  Now the network has revealed the crop of reality contenders.

Veterans programs that have made the cut are:

  • America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • Supernanny
  • Wife Swap

So far, the list does not include The Bachelor.  That show is in the process of making its return March 17, with The Bachelorette soon to follow.

Freshman programs still possibly up for consideration include: Dance Wars, Here Come the Newlyweds, Just for Laughs and Oprah’s Big Give.

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