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Sex And The…House?

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Posted by Rhys Alexander
Categories: Drama, FOX, House, Talent,

This is an early announcement, but I’m excited , so I’m posting it now. My favorite actress, Cynthia Nixon, from my favorite (sadly gone) television show, Sex and the City, will guest star on another of my favorite shows, House, in December. Cynthia Nixon will play a patient who butts head with House and refuses to back down in the face of the acerbic House-style insults. If anyone can give it back to House, it’s the …

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Jeff Probst’s Own ‘Survivor’ Reality

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Posted by Veronica Santiago
Categories: Reality, CBS, Talent, News,

Upon facing the 12th installation of Survivor (10 points to those who can name all the different seasons), Jeff Probst admits that the time may come for him to step down from his hosting throne. Why the change of heart? He’s realized that after doing the same job for so long, he’ll forever be stuck in a reality TV version of soap opera hell. Granted, he did easily transition from Rock & Roll Jeopardy! into Reality …

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